Mods Scooters and Norwich – weekend ride

Mods Scooters Norwich
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In a first for the Mods Scooters Club of Norwich, Vespas, Lambrettas and sixties fashion went on display in the heart of the city.

Many of them original scooters. Given love and tender care to help keep them in perfect working condition by their proud owners. They are members of the Mods Scooter Club of Norwich.  All of them share a passion for vintage Lambrettas and Vespas.

A number of the people who joined the crowd were visitors from surrounding scooter clubs and eager to compare notes.  As well as the scooters the Mods are focused on fashion and music.  Back in the 50s stylish young men were termed modernists because they listened to modern jazz.   A mod revival started in the late 1970s in the United Kingdom, with thousands of mod revivalists attending scooter rallies in locations such as Scarborough and the Isle of Wight.

This revival was partly inspired by the 1979 film Quadrophenia and by mod-influenced bands such as The Jam, Secret Affair, Purple Hearts and The Chords, who drew on the energy of New Wave Music. Back in Norwich and outside The Dog House Bar’  in St George’s Street, elaborate, polished and glittering scooters shone in the sunlight as they were admired by people of the current era and prepared for a successful grouping of scooter talk.  YNUKtv was there and deeply impressed with the Lambrettas, Vespas and fashion


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  1. helen April 17, 2013 at 6:51 am #

    Thanks for sharing this post.Scooters have ruled the roads for many decades. Now a days the place of these scooters has been taken by the Moto-scooters .


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