/Award For South Leeds Community Radio
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Award For South Leeds Community Radio

More than 200 community radio stations are now on air in the UK. They are vital.  Is there one near you?  Are you an avid listener?

Among the many is South Leeds Community Radio.  In February 2011, SLCR won the Inspiring Voices Award for its efforts in bringing together a deprived and battered community. Three of the London bombers of 2005 came from the area which shocked the people of Hillside.

SLCR is Staffed with volunteers from the area. They work in various jobs.  Including presenting and producing and have a big following as the radio station streams on the net and wins listeners worldwide. There are fans who are keen listeners to the station and remain in touch with the ‘personalities’ who broadcast on air. Connecting with the audience. Talking to the people.  Sounds easy but is not easy.  But it is a job to love and send out love.  Never now who maybe out there listening

The station is very proud of its output in particular its drama department.  Some of the programmes transmitted have been written by the volunteers. Locals are given a chance to have their creativity aired. Drama comes across well on radio.  Imagination is teased and tested.

It boasts of a strong youth following.  Many of the broadcasters are young people themselves so able to connect with what is happening out there.  They are also able to offer guidance and advice on issues that may be disturbing to some in the community. South Leeds has a strong community spirit.


A pleasant happy atmosphere exists in the offices and studios.  It is located in a great building that was once a great house.  It looks fabulous from outside.  Inside it looks more like an official building.

ynuk.tv paid a visit to SLCR and we were able to catch the radio station in full swing.  We talked to presenters, producers, and the head of the community radio station

To listen go to http://tunein.com/radio/South-Leeds-Community-Radio-s168084/






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