HMS Sheffield: A Sailor A Survivor – this happened 4 May 1982

HMS Sheffield
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HMS Sheffield

On 2nd April 1982 Argentina raided and claimed the Falkland Islands.  This led to a war.  On the 4th May that year, HMS Sheffield got hit by an exocet missile during the Falkland Islands conflict.  Twenty crew members died in the attack.

The Ship

The vessel was the second Royal Navy ship to be named after the city of Sheffield in Yorkshire. She was a Type 42 Guided Missile Destroyer laid down by Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering at Barrow-in-Furness on 15 January 1970.  A huge ship


Official documents released December 28, 2012, revealed Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister at the time, expressed surprise by the Argentine invasion of the Islands. Survivor, Chris Purcell was a sailor on board HMS Sheffield. We met in Portsmouth where he told YNUKtv his story of what happened and how he managed to survive. Falkland Islands photos courtesy Chris and Louise Purcell.