Ant-Man – Teaser Trailer

Ant-Man - action sci-fi

A six foot guy is given the ability to shrink to the size of an ant to help a scientist save the world.Fresh from prison Scott Lang is recruited to do the challenge of a life-time. This teaser shows you Ant-Man can do! In cinemas July 17

Kingsman Celebrates World Premiere

Kingsman Colin Firth and wife

Leicester Square filled with joyous fans as they screamed for joy as stars arrived for great glitzy occasion. The Secret Service men in the film all wear hand-made tailored suits except for rooky “Eggsy” who is more comfortable in a tracksuit. Hits cinemas January 29

Minions – Trailer

Minions family fun movie

They need to have someone to serve. So they go on a mission to find a new master, three Minions meet Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) the world’s first female supervillain. Watch the trailer and get to know the Minions on their travels – hits cinemas June 26

Big Hero 6 UK Gala

Big Hero 6 - enjoying the show

The kids screamed with delight when they got to meet the huge round inflatable robot at the Odeon Leicester Square. The Gala night was ahead of the Big Hero 6 hitting UK screens January 30.

Selma – Trailer

Selma - Martin Luther King

President Obama gave a special screening of the film. It’s said he was sending a message to the Oscars for ignoring the film of Martin Luther King. It tells of his fight for the right to vote and an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965. In cinemas Febraury 6 – Catch the trailer

Testament of Youth – Trailer

Testament of Youth - a biography

The mother of Shirley Williams of the Liberal Democrats, Vera Britain wanted an education but when World War I broke out she chose to Volunteer in London and France on the frontline. Co-producer Rosie Alison said when she read the book it “lit a flame” in her – Catch the emotional trailer