Beyond the Reach

Beyond the Reach the movie

It is a game of cat and mouse as the wealthy city dealer goes hunting in the Mojave Desert. His game is a young Guide who finds himself naked and being chased by the hunter and the hot sun. Who survives the heat? Watch the trailer

The Choir Movie

The Choir movie

A demanding choir master (Dustin Hoffman) at an elite music academy pushes a gifted but rebellious student (Garrett Wareing) to fulfill his true potential. It’s in the trailer

Entourage Movie – Trailer

Entourage movie "It ain't yet"

Comedy drama that serves as a continuation of the HBO TV series of the same name. It stars the principal cast of the show including Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, and Jeremy Piven. The trailer is terrific

Ted 2 Movie – Trailer

Ted 2 movie real naughty comedy

This time the little furry guy gets married and he is very keen to be a dad. The newlyweds decide to adopt but to do so Ted needs to prove he is a human. The trailer is full of crazy colourful language to get the legal stuff done

London Road Movie – trailer

London Road movie, mystery, thriller

In 2006, the murder of five prostitutes made one quiet Ipswich street notorious. Five years later, London road’s darkest days were turned into a musical, and now that show has become a film. The trailer gives you a glimpse of a serial killer film like you’ve never seen before

The Beat Beneath My Feet – Music Videos

Music Videos Beat Beneath My Feet

The music is outstanding in this film. Young fresh and local talent is highlighted and bursts out from the screen. Watch the videos as Nicholas Galitzine and John Fairhurst belt out their great rock music

Suffragette Trailer

Suffragette trailer battle for vote

Late 19th century saw the birth of the feminist movement led by activists like Emmeline Pankhurst. But at the centre of this story is a foot soldier in the movement, a working class woman named Maud played by Carey Mulligan. It’s all in this new trailer

Mr Holmes – Trailer

Mr Holmes a mystery

Ian McKellen is an aged, retired Sherlock Holmes who looks back on his life. He also grapples with an unsolved case involving a beautiful woman. The trailer catches him on his Sussex farm. Opens June 19

The Perfect Guy Trailer

The Perfect Guy - revenge thriller

She’s a successful woman who suddenly finds herself in a situation of danger. Leah Vaughn must use every ounce of strength and cunning to outwit a sinister ex-lover. Its the last scene in the trailer that’s really creepy

Hustlers Convention – Trailer

Hustlers Convention all about rap

The story centres around Jalal Nuriddin of “The Last Poets” and the forgotten influence of his seminal record ‘Hustlers Convention’, an album that changed the face of music and still resonates with meaning today. As you will see in the trailer the Grandfather of rap is powerful