Library Services Face Extinction

Library Services - Alan Gibbons

Future of Library Services are threatened in Liverpool, Glamorgan and Islington North London. Councils have said they need to make budget cuts. At an event in London on National Library Day 2012 award winning author Alan Gibbons warned of extinction or severe reductions in the years ahead.

UK’s Largest Comic Book Exhibition

Biggest comic exhibition in UK

There was a time when some of the comics were banned but now their on show at the British Library and they’re not censored. Have fun reading pages of politics, mischief, mayhem and sex. There’s a great collection see – catch some of it on the video Poll Time for changes at House of Lords?

House of Lords - its future

There are close to 800 peers in the House of Lords. Is this too many? Its been said by some the whole system of becoming a peer should be reviewed. Catch our poll, it is interesting where people are placing their vote!

Poverty Among Kids Worsening In UK Say Charities

UK Kids In Poverty-miss out on meals

Children living in poverty in Britain is worsening. “Social Apartheid” is being blamed. Save The Children says its a reality with millions going hungry. Watch the video as it visits some of the poorest families in Britain.

Grantham Home Town of Margaret Thatcher

Grantham Margaret Thatcher - Lady not for turning

The funeral of ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took place on April 17. She died after a stroke aged 87. She recently made headlines when the film ‘The Iron Lady’ starring Meryl Streep was released. This revived interest in her home town of Grantham. YNUKtv went to check out her status there

Winners of Young Women Speak Out Competition

Palace of Westminster place of power

A young woman from St Andrews, a teenager from Bristol win nationwide competition on women and politics. Run by the National Council of Women, they get up close to the govt to tell them how to improve women’s lives. Catch what they say in the video

Margaret Thatcher ‘Death’ Party

Margaret Thatcher Death Party - made for fun

Within hours of her death anti-Thatcher protesters were celebrating in Trafalgar Square. The party mood spread through the crowd as they drank champagne, danced and sang they were glad she was dead.

Deeper Cuts

Protest outside Parliament

‘Deeper cuts’ brought a crowd of more than 300 people outside Westminster sending a message to the nation: No to Debt and No to Bailouts. Nigel Farage of UKIP was guest speaker

UAF Teachers v BNP In Mayoral Elections

united protest

A crowd of anti-fascist protesters urged Londoners not to vote for the BNP in the Mayoral Elections May 3.

Church Wedding for Gays?

Gays for church weddings

MPs In the Commons have voted 400 to 175 in favour of the Bill that will legalise gay marriages. David Cameron supported the initiative but many were against it. The gay community believes it is time for them to be able to take their vows in church