David Miliband Criticises Brother Ed

Miliband Brothers

The electorate were right not to give its support to the Labour Party because the leadership had taken its policies “backwards”. In an attack against his brother the former Foreign Secretary said the voters “didn’t want what was being offered”

Nigel Farage Election Battle Fails

Nigel Farage UKIP

The General Election campaign is over and UKIP’s leader failed to win Thanet South. Conservative Craig Mackinlay kept the Tory stronghold. Before May 7, ynuk.tv talked to voters in Ramsgate and found some could’ve been persuaded to connect with the new guy in town

Economic Crackdown on UK Immigration

Immigration numbers

There’s mixed reaction to David Cameron’s plans to restrict entrance to the country by members of the EU looking to work and live in the UK. Some say it has come too late – others believe it’s about time

Child Abuse Offenders Hunted Down like Terrorists

IWF Child Abuse new measures

New law, new measures, new technology will operate jointly to tackle the sexual abuse of children. Monitoring methods have been ramped up to pounce on offenders sending “sexual” messages to children. They’ll be hunted down like terrorists.The video has more

New Years 2015

New Years 2015 UK

The public wants definite changes in politics and are looking for dynamic leadership. But they’re not convinced it will happen. They’re happy enough with the economy but would like stiffer rules on immigration. Have a joyous New Year and a safe, happy, exciting 2015 #ynukcheer

United Kingdom – A Political Revolution

better together

The political future of the United Kingdom is in the balance. Many believe while Scotland chose to stay with the the rest of Britain, the decision will create an imbalance of power in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some spoke to ynuk.tv about the pledges that have been made

Great Britain Hits the West End

Great Britain starring Lucy Punch

A special opening night was held for Great Britain now in the West End. Stars, media and celebrities were among the crowd attending the glitzy occasion at the Theatre Royal. It has been said that author Richard Bean has written a play that kicks the backside of modern Britain

YNUKtv Poll: Time for Change at House of Lords?

House of Lords - its future

Labour would replace House of Lords with an elected Senate should they win the next election. There are close to 800 peers in the Lords. Is this too many? Its been said by some the whole system of becoming a peer should be reviewed. Catch our poll, it is interesting where people are placing their vote!

YNUKtv Poll: Lower Voting Age to 16?

lower voting age?

Are people under the age of 18 mature enough politically to vote in elections? Following their participation in the Scottish referendum some are now saying they should. And with UKIP gaining ground in parliament may be the young vote might stop it. Go to our poll – click on what you think should happen

UKIP Changing Face of Politics

UKIP in House of Commons

The public is turning to UKIP as they look for changes in the country’s controversial immigration issue. Two Conservative MPs who defected are now in the House of Commons representing UKIP. Some in the community say this is dangerous but admit there is no alternative