The Iron Lady UK’s 1st Female PM – People’s Review

The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep won an Oscar as well as a BAFTA for best actress in The Iron Lady. Brian Hayes reviews her role

YNUKtv Poll: EU Referendum UK In or Out?

EU Referendum In or Out

It’s said David Cameron suffered humiliation over appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as next Euro Commission President. But he says he’s making progress on EU reform. The Prime Minister has already pledged a referendum after the next election. What should Britain do? Vote and give your view

UKIP Changing Face of Politics

UKIP in House of Commons

The public is turning to UKIP as they look for changes in the country’s controversial immigration issue. Two Conservative MPs who defected are now in the House of Commons representing UKIP. Some in the community say this is dangerous but admit there is no alternative

Benefits Supermarkets Rollout in UK

Benefits Supermarket for local members

Surplus food in supermarkets will be feeding many in the population suffering from hunger and starvation. Those who receive benefits will be able to shop for extremley cheap bargains as well as receive services support

Sex Workers Parliament and Criminalisation

John McDonnell Labour MP

Prostitution laws should they change? Sex workers crowded into a Select Committee at the House of Commons protesting proposals by MPs to decriminalise clients and pimps of sex workers

Human Trafficking How to Spot The Signs

Spot the Signs of slavery

New Gov stats show 13,000 people are victims of slavery with women forced into prostitution, domestic jobs, workers in fields, factories and fishing boats. Its a sharp increase from 2,744 in 2013. The Croydon Community Trafficking charity helps with Spot The Signs and has volunteers teaching how its done.

Pubs Hub Of Community

Pubs - drink between friends

Over 10 years more than 1,000 pubs have been closed in London. That’s according to a new study by the Greater London Assembly. The Campaign For Real Ale is also concerned about survival of community pubs and is urging locals to check out their pubs because there’s a lot going on!

EU Exit or Unite

EU Referendum In or Out

The PM has said there will be an in/out referendum on the UK’s future in the EU if the Conservatives win the next election. Speaking in London, David Cameron said he hoped to negotiate a new settlement with Europe.. Supporters of UKIP have been demanding for some time that a referendum be held to decide whether to stay or go

Hunger Petition in Parliament for Debate

Jacks Petition handed in to Parliament

The proposal calling for a debate in Parliament to investigate the causes of food bank use and hunger in the UK failed to win support. The call followed a petition by campaigner Jack Monroe who received 130,000 signatures which were handed to Labour MPs at House of Commons

Videos That Made An Impact 2012

Videos Jubilee boats on river thames

Here are 5 videos chosen by YNUKtv for their impact on communities during 2012. Local news videos have been given the spotlight by many citizen journalists across the UK. The top item is from Portrush and tells the story of torchbearers