London Live The Capital’s New TV Channel

London Live TV

Be prepared for fresh, urban, caring, loud, sticky broadcasting when London Live hits screens March 31. There’ll be 5 and a half-hours of news and current affairs presented by multicultural, multitalented Londoners. Catch them on the video

YourNewsUktv Community News Channel – 3 years old

We have been broadcasting for three years and we’re proud to have reached this far. There are over 400 videos from across different communities in the UK. We’re truly grateful for the ideas and videos shared – stay with us we need you.

Londons 24 hour TV Channel On Air

This is London Live

With a commitment to showing local programmes London Live is digging deep into the suburbs to target the diverse younger generation of the Capital. Smart, fresh shows, entertainment and news will be on offer 24 hours a day. View London Live on Freeview 8 Sky 117 Virgin 159 YouView 8

Gambling Machines like Crack Cocaine

Gambling - high stakes machines in poor areas

Government is to tackle the ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling that currently exists on the High Street. Campaign for Fairer Gambling has already warned of the dangers of addiction. Ministers will set limits on fixed-odds betting terminals.

Social Enterprise – media student commended

workshop on social enterprise

Social Enterprise was the subject of Adam Smith’s video report for the YNUKtv and Brunel University 2013 local news awards. His story on young entrepreneurs was commended by the judges

Job Sharing – media student commended

Chris Hapworth - award commendation

Chris Hepworth was a media student at Brunel making him eligible to enter the YNUKtv Brunel University local news awards. He submitted his video story idea of job sharing among MPs which turned out to be a challenging topic.

Hitchcock The Film – Peoples Review

Hitchcock - Peoples Review Anthony Hopkins

The film Hitchcock unfolds the complex love story between Hitchcock and his wife Alma during the making of the spine-tingling 1960 thriller Psycho. Brian Hayes has seen it and was impressed with the performances Poll: Would You Swap Your TV For Netflix?

last series on netflix only

House of Cards is returning to the screen. It will be shown exclusively on Netflix. Are you a TV viewer who knows exactly what to watch when and where you want? Would that be on BBC, ITV or any of the satellite channels. Or would you give up your TV licence for a service like Netflix? Click and vote!

YNUKtv – News That Inspires

YNUKtv news you won't see anywhere else

There are events in the community that make a good video story. So, why not share your ideas and let us know what’s going on where you are. Email – your story could make our headlines. YNUKtv is a voluntary news channel

Good Dancing Shows Off Male Strength to Women

Good Dancing Shows Off Male Style

It’s party time and Guys this is a video showing you how to move on the dance floor to win women. Video shows while dancing, heterosexual men eye up other guys physical qualities from their dance moves, just as women do, says a Northumbria University study.