Englands Controversial World Cup Shirts

The shirt is selling

The FA’s shop is selling the controversial England Team World Cup Shirt where the price tag is £90. Nike says its because the shirt has special cooling fabric and limited number available. ynuk.tv spoke to visitors who were critical of the great expense

ynuk.tv Poll – Scotland Independence Yes or No

Should Scotland breakaway from rest of country?

The argument over Scotland and whether it should breakaway from rest of country is building momentum. David Cameron describes it as tearing the country apart. Alex Salmond accuses him of bullying tactics. The vote is September 18. Should Scotland stay or go?. Let us know

Wine On A Diet – Can It Be Done?

Wine on a Diet - Rebecca Donphy

A diet and wine can go together and here’s Rebecca Dunphy to tell you how it can be done. In this video, Rebecca takes you through the red or white wines that can help you cut calories.

Our Big Gig Launch Free Concerts For Communities

Our Big Gig - Don Foster Communities Minister

Communities Minister Don Foster has announced Our Big Gig, a series of 250 free concerts across England that will perform from 11 – 14 July. They will feature the best of local musical talent and expected to draw crowds bigger than Glastonbury!

YourNewsUKtv Two Years Old


YNUKtv celebrates two years of broadcasting on 6 May 2013! The HD channel offers an outlet for the community and its news across the UK. It has 470 videos of news, sport and entertainment, that connects with the people and tells a story of their own.

Films banned amid jail perks clampdown

Jail Perks - inside prison

Certificate 18-rated movies will no longer be screened at jails in England and Wales under adjustments to the Incentives and Earned Privileges scheme. The change is part of a clampdown on jail perks

Local TV London A Channel for the Capital

Local TV London James Conway, Made In London

The London Local TV licence has been awarded to the Evening Standard’s bid led by Russian owner Evgeny Lebedev. There were five competing for the lucrative licence. Ofcom, the broadcast agency, made the announcement Feb 4,