Animals Counted at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo animals counted+ insects

Animals are being counted so that the keepers can make sure that each animal has a mate, doesn’t go missing or even increase in number. The method is not that simple especially when the animals lover crawling around everywhere. The video has it all

Wine On A Diet – Can It Be Done?

Wine on a Diet - Rebecca Donphy

A diet and wine can go together and here’s Rebecca Dunphy to tell you how it can be done. In this video, Rebecca takes you through the red or white wines that can help you cut calories.

YNUKtv Poll: Do you agree with 7 day GP services?

GP services David Cameron

The Prime Minister has made a key and important pledge for the community in England. He says he will have GP services available 7 days a week by 2020. Do we need them? Connect with our friendly Poll and let us know your view

Englands Controversial World Cup Shirts

The shirt is selling

The FA’s shop is selling the controversial England Team World Cup Shirt where the price tag is £90. Nike says its because the shirt has special cooling fabric and limited number available. spoke to visitors who were critical of the great expense

Football Fans in Defence

Liverpool FC Anfield

UEFA launching investigation into reports Inter Milan football fans racially abused Tottenham players during last Thursday’s (Mar 14) Europa League. Behaviour of football fans still a major issue. FA urged to discipline Liverpool fans who have been criticised. They denied this to YNUKtv at a match in Anfield last year

Local TV London A Channel for the Capital

Local TV London James Conway, Made In London

The London Local TV licence has been awarded to the Evening Standard’s bid led by Russian owner Evgeny Lebedev. There were five competing for the lucrative licence. Ofcom, the broadcast agency, made the announcement Feb 4,

Police and Policing

Policing The Police candidate Ian Johnston

Winner: Independent candidate in Gwent and featured in this video has won the vote for the Police and Crime Commissioner post. Ian Johnston told YNUKtv that the position should not have political affiliation. The other candidate who stood for Cambridgeshire lost.

Four Flames For Paralympics 2012

Four Flames For Paralympics 2012 Blind torch bearer

The Paralympics torch has four flames with each one of them lit on top of the UK’s four highest mountains. Groups of Scouts and disabled volunteers climbed the summits where they sparked a national flame. This one is from Slieve Donard in the Mountains of Mourne in Co Down

Counting Communities in England and Wales 2011

Counting Communities at the door

Results from counting communities in England and Wales show that the number of foreign-born residents has risen by nearly three million since 2001 to 7.5 million people. Take a look at how some residents were persuaded to fill in the census form last year

YourNewsUktv Community News Channel – 3 years old

We have been broadcasting for three years and we’re proud to have reached this far. There are over 400 videos from across different communities in the UK. We’re truly grateful for the ideas and videos shared – stay with us we need you.