Amy Winehouse Statue and Selfies in Camden

Amy Winehouse Camden's Stable Market

A large crowd of fans were thrilled to catch her life-size statue in Camden’s Stable Market. They couldn’t wait to get their selfie with the Back to Black singer. The figure was praised for capturing the personality and style of the great artist.

Goodbye Amy Winehouse – Remembering

goodbye Amy Winehouse

On 23 July 2011 the singer was found dead in her home. Fans were shocked and stunned and left tributes at her house creating a shrine to the star. A second inquest confirmed Amy died of alcohol poisoning.

Amy’s House Poss Rehab HQ

Amy's House - fans mourn her death

The house where the singer lived was to have been a rehabilitation centre for young people and children. But while her father Mitch launched the project he later decided to sell the property.

Amy Winehouse – Alcohol Death

Amy Winehouse tributes

Second inquest confirmed the singer drank herself to death. It was reheard after it was found original Coroner didn’t have correct qualifications. The new Coroner said Amy died from “a level of alcohol commonly associated with fatality”.