London Cyclists Strip for Protest Ride

thousands protest world naked day 2013

Thousands of London cyclists took to the streets naked on Saturday June 14 as part of World Naked Bike Ride.  Its thought to have been the country’s largest ever nude protest.  They were cheered on by spectators who lined the streets, many having seen more than they bargained for on a shopping trip to the West End.

The protesters were calling for better protection for cyclists in the capital, including the introduction of more cycle-only areas and safer cycle lanes, and against the use of vehicles that use fossil fuels.


A similar protest happened last year, 2013, when thousands of cyclists stripped off their clothes to ride naked on the streets of London. The annual ride, which is also taking place in other parts of the UK as well as in cities across the globe, is a protest against oil dependency and the vulnerability of cyclists on the road.

Spectators were thrilled to see the bare-bottomed London cyclists and welcomed them with clicking cameras to capture the occasion. The cyclists set off from five separate departure points before converging on Wellington Arch in Hyde Park corner.


The World Naked Bike Ride grew out of other similar protests against old dependency, and had its first event in 2004, with 28 rides in 10 countries, but by 2010 that figure had almost trebled.

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