Community Radio - volunteer blind DJ

Award For South Leeds Community Radio – worldwide…

More than 200 community radio stations are now on air in the UK. Among them, South Leeds Community Radio. In February 2011, SLCR won the Inspiring Voices Award for its efforts in bringing together a deprived and battered community

Making Movies Carol Allen director

Making Movies Big Scene In London – Carol…

Making movies in London is rising with many in the community producing and directing their own films. Carol Allen at Cat’s Whiskers productions is one of them. She took on a team of people from the Silver generation to direct two films. She talks about her challenges and big screen films

Goodbye Amy Winehouse

Goodbye Amy Winehouse – Remembering

On 23 July 2011 the singer was found dead in her home. Fans were shocked and stunned and left tributes at her house creating a shrine to the star. A second inquest confirmed Amy died of alcohol poisoning.