Sandcastles: Empty and Deserted Housing Estates – the modern ruins crumbling

Sandcastles: Empty and Deserted Housing Estates
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Sandcastles: Empty and Deserted Housing Estates – architecture superb but turning to rubble. Modern ruins that litter Spain’s landscape.

An estimated 3.4 million houses stand empty and deserted across Spain.  Award winning photographer, Markel Redondo went with his DJI Drone to capture the problem of the modern ruins.

They were built in a dizzying rush by developers.  It was to exploit cheap loans and favourable government regulations.  The modern ruins now litter the landscape.

Spain’s economy now faces multiple challenges. The country’s budget doesn’t have funds to spare to regenerate the buildings.  But Redondo wants to change this.  He first photographed the abandoned developments in 2010.  He returned equipped with his DJI Phantom 4 drone he retraced his footsteps.

Markel Redondo was awarded prize of equipment and £1,500 by British Journal of Photography for his Sandcastles idea.  It tells a video and photographic story of the financial atrocity.  They are on show at The Print Space Gallery, 74 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DL.  Don’t miss it or check out the site:


Brits in Spain

Latest stats show Brits are behind one-fifth of property sold to foreigners. Despite this Spain’s housing development plans described as a failure. A shame to the nation. How can they be left to crumble

Have you seen these properties while travelling through Spain?  Let us know.  Catch the video to tell us what did you think? Then drop by our comments box.  Say hello.  Leave a smile.

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