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Making Movies Carol Allen director

Making Movies Big Scene In London

Making Movies

Making movies is a big scene in London. On a larger scale the final production can sometimes end up being a nominated film, receive an award or its back to the ‘story board’.  On the smaller scale movie awards like a BAFTA or OSCAR are out of reach.  The desire to write, produce and direct does not goo away.


Popular movie hubs have sprung up and making a film is a challenge spreading around the capital. The numbers are growing involving all ages as well as bringing communities together from various backgrounds.  In Fulham, films have been produced, directed and performed by people of the Silver generation.  There is no shortage of actors eager to hit the bright lights and big screen

In the 50s

Leading them is Carol Allen a film reviewer and broadcaster and founder of Cat’s Productions.  She is now writing an directing films.  Locals were the main actors in 2 short films with a theme about a young woman who abandoned her husband and child.  Set in the 50s and present day London, Carol directed both “Miss Threadgold” and “With Marjorie Gone”.

There was a double bill showing at Drayton Arms South Kensington September 30, 2012.  Brian Hayes spoke to Carol about the film making experience. Music composed and performed by Katy Jungmann and Stefanos Barbalias

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