United Kingdom – A Political Revolution

better together

The political future of the United Kingdom is in the balance. Many believe while Scotland chose to stay with the the rest of Britain, the decision will create an imbalance of power in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some spoke to ynuk.tv about the pledges that have been made

ynuk.tv Poll – Scotland Says No to Independence

United Kingdom flag

Alex Salmond who led the YES vote has resigned and will step-down as First Minister. His resignation follows the success of the NO vote. Scots voted to stay United with the UNITED KINGDOM. In the ynuk.tv poll 44 voted NO, 7 voted YES and 2 were not sure.

YNUKtv Poll – Local TV The Changing Face of Broadcasting?

Broadcasting in UK homes 2013

It is the year of the TV revolution. All eyes will be watching as London’s Local TV, London Live, goes to air March 31 joining others already broadcasting. Local TV is a government initiative for communities. What do you reckon – is it worth having? Let us know

YNUKtv Poll: David Miliband Resigns from Politics for US – Right Decision?

David Miliband: missed out labour leadership

David Miliband is giving up politics and moving to America to take up a top job with a U.S. based charity. Is he doing the right thing? Take a look and click your view

YNUKtv Poll – Which Danny Boyle Film is your favourite?

Danny Boyle - film director

Danny Boyle has an amazing career as a film director – has won an Oscar as well as much acclaim for his films. We’ve listed some of his movies which of them do you like?

YNUKtv – News That Inspires

YNUKtv news you won't see anywhere else

There are events in the community that make a good video story. So, why not share your ideas and let us know what’s going on where you are. Email ynuktv@gmail.com – your story could make our headlines. YNUKtv is a voluntary news channel

Community Retakes Tottenham

Community Tottenham -preparing to clean-up

In August 2011 Tottenham High Road was badly damaged by riots destroying businesses and homes. But within days it was reopened and back on track. ynuk.tv was there

Ugliest Town in UK

Ugliest Town in Britain- no character

Many in the town were offended. Hemel Hempstead topped a list of ugliest places to live. A survey run by the website Crap Towns Returns found it was worse than Luton and Slough. Watch the reaction from the locals!

Julian Assange His Future

Julian Assange The Future - political asylum

Julian Assange is to leave the Ecuador Embassy in Knightsbride. He emerged briefly August 18 to tell media he’s leaving. It’s reported relations between the Ecuadorean government and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have become “incredibly strained”. Supporters have held daily vigils outside the Embassy since he was granted asylum there in 2012

First London Showing Turner Watercolours

Moonlight over Lake Lucerne 1841

An exciting FIRST showing in London of Turner Watercolours on loan from the Whitworth Art Gallery. Andrew Clayton-Payne in Old Bond Street clinched the exclusive exhibition. The video has some of the finest on show. LAST DAY DECEMBER 8!