Human Trafficking How to Spot The Signs

Spot the Signs of slavery

New Gov stats show 13,000 people are victims of slavery with women forced into prostitution, domestic jobs, workers in fields, factories and fishing boats. Its a sharp increase from 2,744 in 2013. The Croydon Community Trafficking charity helps with Spot The Signs and has volunteers teaching how its done.

Michelangelo Bronzes – Two Naked Men

Michelangelo at the Fitzwilliams Museum

Crowds are visiting Fitzwilliam Museum where they can see two new bronzes of naked men said to be the work of Michelangelo. Some doubt it but according to international experts there is overwhelming evidence that says otherwise. Catch the discovery

UK Vote Against Syria Action – ISIS Vote 2014

Syria - MPs veto missile strikes

Parliament has voted Yes to air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq. The Yes vote totalled 524, No vote 43 – majority 481. Parliament was recalled following a request for help from the Iraqi government.. August 2013 the Syria vote in Parliament humiliated David Cameron as MPs vetoed military intervention. Many in community agreed.

United Kingdom – A Political Revolution

better together

The political future of the United Kingdom is in the balance. Many believe while Scotland chose to stay with the the rest of Britain, the decision will create an imbalance of power in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some spoke to about the pledges that have been made

YNUKtv Poll – Local TV The Changing Face of Broadcasting?

Broadcasting in UK homes 2013

It is the year of the TV revolution. All eyes will be watching as London’s Local TV, London Live, goes to air March 31 joining others already broadcasting. Local TV is a government initiative for communities. What do you reckon – is it worth having? Let us know

YNUKtv Poll – Which Danny Boyle Film is your favourite?

Danny Boyle - film director

Danny Boyle has an amazing career as a film director – has won an Oscar as well as much acclaim for his films. We’ve listed some of his movies which of them do you like? Poll – Scotland Says No to Independence

United Kingdom flag

Alex Salmond who led the YES vote has resigned and will step-down as First Minister. His resignation follows the success of the NO vote. Scots voted to stay United with the UNITED KINGDOM. In the poll 44 voted NO, 7 voted YES and 2 were not sure.

YNUKtv – News That Inspires

YNUKtv news you won't see anywhere else

There are events in the community that make a good video story. So, why not share your ideas and let us know what’s going on where you are. Email – your story could make our headlines. YNUKtv is a voluntary news channel

UK Food Banks Expose Hidden Hunger

Hunger - donated food

Trussell Trust say latest figures are ‘shocking’ and show nearly a million people need to use food banks mainly because of welfare cuts. It is an ongoing story. The Charity had told that politicians have been warned for some time that cuts have left many hungry.

Swimmers Brave Championships In Freezing Conditions

Swimmers Brave Icy Waters - the man-kini

More than 600 swimmers from across the UK were at the Tooting Bec Lido in South London, January 26, to ‘break ice’ and compete in the Cold Water championships for 2013. It’s described as the UK’s most exhilarating and slightly mad sporting event