Night At The Museum 3 Cast Feature

Night at the Museum 3 cast introduction

Shawn Levy proudly presents his cast in the latest Night at the Museum 3. They visit the British Museum and all hell breaks loose. In this special video the director highlights the characters old and new

Frozen – Characters Best Sellers For Christmas

Frozen 3D Disney fantasy

Disney is bringing out new Frozen merchandise in time for Christmas. As well as Elsa and Anna dolls there’ll be yoghurts, fresh juice, oral care and branded bandages on sale. Watch the trailer to see why Frozen is so amazingly popular

Anti-Slavery Day Walk for Freedom

Anti-Slavery Walk for Freedom Day

Cities across the UK and Globe took part in sending out a big ANTI message to traffickers on Anti-Slavery Day October 18. 27 million men, women and children are trapped in slavery. Known to be a hidden crime the Walk for Freedom tackled the Boroughs of London where many operate

Taranis UKs Top Secret Drone Revealed

Taranis trial flight

UK is likely to join air attacks against ISIS in Iraq so, will the recently revealed drone be launched? The MOD and BAE Systems carried out secret trials of the stealth aircraft and praised British engineers for the aviation technology. Watch the video demonstration of the unmanned combat vehicle going through its moves

Talisker Whisky and Cheese A New Mix

Whisky and Cheese - smoooth

Try this radical idea of nibbling cheese with a huge glass of whisky. This imaginative mix is the idea of Rebecca Dunphy who created the new taste for those who love their cheese and their whisky. Watch how it’s done

Queen and Ireland

Queen greets Irish President

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh welcomed President Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina on the first official state visit to the UK. The trip follows that of the Queens’ historic visit to Ireland three years ago. At the time an Irish Londoner spoke of how they couldn’t wait to see and meet the Queen

The Great Gatsby Peoples Review

The Great Gatsby Peoples Review - Carey Mulligan

Australian director Baz Luhrmann won acclaim for his interpretation of the film. He’s thrown a lot of money at it with glitz, glamour and 3D CG affects. Brian Hayes reviews the movie

YNUKtv Poll: Edward Snowden Hero or Villain?

Edward Snowden

Russia has extended the stay of Edward Snowden by 3 years. His original asylum came to an end July 31. He is wanted in the US for leaking details of the National Security Agency’s surveillance and telephone-tapping operations. Is Snowden a hero or villain? Vote!

YNUKtv – News That Inspires

YNUKtv news you won't see anywhere else

There are events in the community that make a good video story. So, why not share your ideas and let us know what’s going on where you are. Email – your story could make our headlines. YNUKtv is a voluntary news channel

Phone Hacking Storm in UK – Andy Coulson Jailed

Phone hacking - News of the World

Former Editor of the News of the World, Andy Coulson has been released from prison just 5 months into his 18 months sentence. An Old Bailey court found him guilty of phone hacking July 2014. Rebekah Brooks was cleared of all charges. spoke to the public when the controversy broke in summer of 2011. Many were appalled