Future of the BBC – Select Committee Inquiry

BBC's Headquarters

The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee at the House of Commons has got a team conducting an inquiry into the future of the BBC ahead of the Royal Charter. It will be connecting with young people, public, as well as going online to gather information for their work. The video presents the plans

Transgender Awareness

Kairit Kutt Trans Awareness Week student

A Trans People conference at Brunel University was a revelation for many students. Media Student Kairit Kutt chose the event for her entry in the local news awards hosted by YNUKtv and Brunel.

BA Fine Art Degree Show 2014 Dates

BA Fine Art the show is open

BA Fine Art Degree Show for 2014 opens June 9 and has a new location at the Grimsby School of Art building. In the meantime take a look at the 2013 exhibition held at The Space, Western Technology School, Grimsby.

Sham Marriages

Sham Marriages - couple

Members of a North London solicitor’s firm were found guilty at the Old Bailey for their part in sham marriages. This was the subject chosen by student Samantha Bobb-Lucas who was a contestant in the YNUKtv/Brunel University media student awards in October 2012.

Thames Clean-up

Thames massive debris

The Thames river was the target for video journalist Olivia Heath who covered the story of how a group, known as Thames 21, got together to clean-up the mounting litter from the banks of the Thames. Olivia was a candidate for the YNUKtv/BrunelUniveristy local news award

Churches Losing Metal

Churches metal thieves

Police say Churches are among the many locations raided by thieves for precious metal that is later sold for huge profits. Valuable items and objects regularly disappear never to be found. Media student Keisha McDonald has this report

Ealing Sweeps Away Riots

sweeping up riots in Ealing

In August two years ago riots were spreading through England. In London in the leafy suburb of Ealing people swept the streets, closed up early after a night of fires and looting.

Pianos Go Public In Cambridge

Pianos Go Public waiting to be played

Pianos decorated with an artistic brush were located all over Cambridge to encourage people to get together and have fun. Play Me, I’m Yours is an initiative of the Faculty of Music at the Cambridge University.

Education Chaos for Students

Education students on the march

The cost of Education is out of control. That’s according to thousands of students who marched through London. In March there was chaos as students walked out of university classrooms in a nationwide protest against the high fees and cuts.

Peckhams Hollywood Replaces Violence

annual film festival

Its not quite the glitz of LA but a new generation of filmmakers has emerged from Peckham.