First Plastic Fiver for Britain

First Plastic fiver

Two million new plastic five pound notes are in circulation for the public to use or spend. The polymer made notes are described as durable, machine washable and have several features to help prevent fraud. Take a look at how young scientists and engineers tested the ‘miracle’ fiver

United Kingdom – A Political Revolution

better together

The political future of the United Kingdom is in the balance. Many believe while Scotland chose to stay with the the rest of Britain, the decision will create an imbalance of power in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some spoke to about the pledges that have been made

Message from London to Scotland

Londoners have a message

YourNewsUKtv has been to Brixton to talk to some in the community about the referendum of independence for Scotland. Their message from London was the decision was theirs however they would like the country to stay united. Poll – Scotland Says No to Independence

United Kingdom flag

Alex Salmond who led the YES vote has resigned and will step-down as First Minister. His resignation follows the success of the NO vote. Scots voted to stay United with the UNITED KINGDOM. In the poll 44 voted NO, 7 voted YES and 2 were not sure.

Scotland Landmark The Kelpies Completed

the 100ft high Kelpies

Glasgow artist Andy Scott designed the massive equine sculptures standing 100 miles high in Falkirk. They’re expected to attract tourists and boost local economy. Watch video to see the impressive structure

Drug trafficking in South America

Drug Trafficking - appalling prison conditions

Latest figures show 1,000 Britons in jail overseas for drug offences. 2 UK women in prison in Peru after cocaine worth £1.5million found in their suitcases. An official video talks to nationals in Callao prison who regret what they had done

Apps Big Business in Scotland

Apps - New technology big deals

New Technology is booming in Scotland. Creators of mobile phone applications Mobile are based there and winning key contracts

Reclaim the Night Fighting back against sex crime

Reclaim the Night - sex attacks risen

Women in Glasgow marched in protest against their freedom to walk at night without being sexually assaulted. A report by Rape Crisis in Scotland revealed that the number of attacks on women had risen in the past year. This special report by STV takes a look at the problem

Local TV London A Channel for the Capital

Local TV London James Conway, Made In London

The London Local TV licence has been awarded to the Evening Standard’s bid led by Russian owner Evgeny Lebedev. There were five competing for the lucrative licence. Ofcom, the broadcast agency, made the announcement Feb 4,

Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons

Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons - protest

Anti-nuclear campaigners tied in chains blocked the entrance of the Faslane base in Argyll, the home of the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons. They called for the closure of the base