House of Stripes Controversy

House of Stripes London

Wealthy suburb of South Kensington is going through property change with many houses having basement extensions. But one house is in trouble with residents protesting at owner’s plan to knock-down and rebuild new 5-storey home. So she painted it

Russell Brand: The Emperor’s New Clothes – Trailer

Russell Brand: The Emperor's New Clothes doco

The outspoken activist comedian joined protests, knocked on bank directors doors, raided city banks as part of his acting role during the shoot of the film. His message: “Inequality is getting greater. The rich are getting richer, everyone else is struggling…” It is all in the trailer

London Cyclists Strip for Protest Ride

protest is right

Thousands of cyclists in London rode naked through the capital as part of World Naked Bike Ride day. The event also happened last year on a warm sunny day with spectators aiming their cameras at the barely clad cyclists

Poplar 1921 – Councillors Revolt

Poplar 1921 Councillors Defiant banner

It was post WWI and the biggest revolt against the Government of its time. The over-populated borough of Poplar was being asked to pay higher rates to help rest of London. But they refused, ended up in court and jail. However their action turned out to be a success and set a new system for rates

Occupy Strengthens Clergy Topple at St Paul’s

Defiant Occupy protesters

Tents have gone from St Paul’s Cathedral. The City of London won their case to have them removed. The Occupy activists were eventually evicted

Police Protest London

thousands of police could lose jobs

In May last year, Police packed streets of London to demonstrate against Govt cuts in police force. Tens of thousands showed up on their day off to send their protest message to the Government. But results in an online vote March 4 to lobby for right to vote failed to get enough votes

Break Up Banks Protest Canary Wharf

Banks - Peter Tatchell

Activist Peter Tatchell joined a small crowd from Occupy Economics demonstrating in the heart of the financial district of Canary Wharf against mega-banks. They were calling on the government to break up the colossal banks so that they don’t need taxpayer’s money to bail them out.

Education Chaos for Students

Education students on the march

The cost of Education is out of control. That’s according to thousands of students who marched through London. In March there was chaos as students walked out of university classrooms in a nationwide protest against the high fees and cuts.

Chelsea Manning Jailed 35 Years

Chelsea Manning Jailed - now a woman called Chelsea

Within hours a crowd of supporters were outside the American Embassy in London protesting against the sentence. They’re calling for a pardon. Bradley is now Chelsea Manning – he wants to live as a woman

Pussy Riot Jailed Global Protest Day

Pussy Riot singers in court

Pussy Riots members were lashed by Russian police while demonstrating in Sochi. They had been jailed after anti-Putin song. was at global protest for their freedom at London’s Royal Court Theatre