Drug Driving New Laws

stopped by police

Police in England and Wales now have the powers to ‘drugalyse’ motorists suspected of drug driving. The new regulations are aimed at stopping people driving while under the influence of drugs. Ministers say it could help save lives

London Marathon on Track After Boston Explosions

London Marathon - preparing

As runners were signing on for the London marathon, 2013, black ribbons were handed out to be worn as a mark of respect for those killed in the Boston blasts. Extra security was drafted in to patrol London streets for the huge race

Chappie – Trailer

Chappie when a robot becomes human

In the near future, crime is patrolled by an oppressive mechanised police force. But one of them, Chappie, is stolen and he is given new programming This results in hime becoming the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself. The trailer is a great adventure

Halloween ‘Corpse’ Too Scary For Children

Halloween chainsaw body

Halloween last year brought Police to the front door of James Creighton’s house after complaints about his Chainsaw Massacre display. They objected to bloodied torsos and skeletons spread across front garden frightening kids. James told ynuk.tv it was done to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK

EDL and Tower Hamlets Don’t Mix

EDL and Tower Hamlets Don't Mix

Police and supporters of the English Defence League clashed in East London as attempts to enter Tower Hamlets and hold a static protest outside a Mosque were blocked.

Roma Day of Action in London’s Marble Arch

Roma Day - protest against discrimination

A crowd of Roma supporters demonstrated in London’s elite Knightsbridge and Marble Arch to protest against extra powers for police to ‘clear’ areas that they say will wipe out the right to peaceful assembly.

UAF and EDL Head to Head Downing Street

UAF EDL Head to Head a message

Hundreds of Unite Against Fascism activists came head to head with supporters of the English Defence League just outside Downing Street. Both hurled abuse at each other over the killing of soldier Lee Rigby.

Reclaim the Night Fighting back against sex crime

Reclaim the Night - sex attacks risen

Women in Glasgow marched in protest against their freedom to walk at night without being sexually assaulted. A report by Rape Crisis in Scotland revealed that the number of attacks on women had risen in the past year. This special report by STV takes a look at the problem

Neighbourhood Initiative Protects Church Lead

Lead stolen from All Saints Church Narborough

Award winning Police Volunteer group from Braby, Leicestershire, is helping to protect their local All Saints church after thieves ripped lead from the roof to sell-off for huge profits. ynuk.tv was invited to a demonstration of how cameras will capture unwanted intruders

Here Comes A Sun Newspaper on Sunday

new reader of The Sun

Its on sale seven days a week, the Sun newspaper is now published every seven days, but there’s no rush to buy it