Reclaim the Night Fighting back against sex crime

Reclaim the Night - Glasgow 2014

Women in Glasgow marched in protest against their freedom to walk at night without being sexually assaulted. A report by Rape Crisis in Scotland revealed that the number of attacks on women had risen in the past year. This special report by STV takes a look at the problem

Halloween ‘Corpse’ Too Scary For Children

Halloween chainsaw body

Halloween last year brought Police to the front door of James Creighton’s house after complaints about his Chainsaw Massacre display. They objected to bloodied torsos and skeletons spread across front garden frightening kids. James told it was done to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK

Great Britain Hits the West End

Great Britain starring Lucy Punch

A special opening night was held for Great Britain now in the West End. Stars, media and celebrities were among the crowd attending the glitzy occasion at the Theatre Royal. It has been said that author Richard Bean has written a play that kicks the backside of modern Britain

Tottenham – Love Can Outdo Hate

Tottenham prefers love not hate

August 4, 2011, violence, rioting and fires spread through London and other parts of England. It stunned the population across the UK. Many blamed a fatal shooting by police In Tottenham, North London, where, several days later, the community was anxious to clean up and re-build. It’s in the video

Police Protest London

thousands of police could lose jobs

In May last year, Police packed streets of London to demonstrate against Govt cuts in police force. Tens of thousands showed up on their day off to send their protest message to the Government. But results in an online vote March 4 to lobby for right to vote failed to get enough votes

UAF and EDL Head to Head Downing Street

UAF EDL Head to Head a message

Hundreds of Unite Against Fascism activists came head to head with supporters of the English Defence League just outside Downing Street. Both hurled abuse at each other over the killing of soldier Lee Rigby.

Neighbourhood Initiative Protects Church Lead

Lead stolen from All Saints Church Narborough

Award winning Police Volunteer group from Braby, Leicestershire, is helping to protect their local All Saints church after thieves ripped lead from the roof to sell-off for huge profits. was invited to a demonstration of how cameras will capture unwanted intruders

Ealing Sweeps Away Riots

sweeping up riots in Ealing

In August two years ago riots were spreading through England. In London in the leafy suburb of Ealing people swept the streets, closed up early after a night of fires and looting.

Riots Help Create Wall of Love Peckham

riots in Peckham creates Wall of Love

Back in August 2011 a boarded up shop window in Peckham became a Wall of Love. Poundland was among shops in Rye Lane that were looted during the riots.

EDL & Tower Hamlets Don’t Mix

EDL and Tower Hamlets Don't Mix

Police and supporters of the English Defence League clashed in East London as attempts to enter Tower Hamlets and hold a static protest outside a Mosque were blocked.