ynuk.tv Poll – Scotland Independence Yes or No

Should Scotland breakaway from rest of country?

The argument over Scotland and whether it should breakaway from rest of country is building momentum. David Cameron describes it as tearing the country apart. Alex Salmond accuses him of bullying tactics. The vote is September 18. Should Scotland stay or go?. Let us know

YNUKtv – News That Inspires

YNUKtv news you won't see anywhere else

There are events in the community that make a good video story. So, why not share your ideas and let us know what’s going on where you are. Email [email protected] – your story could make our headlines. YNUKtv is a voluntary news channel

Community Retakes Tottenham

Community Tottenham -preparing to clean-up

In August 2011 Tottenham High Road was badly damaged by riots destroying businesses and homes. But within days it was reopened and back on track. ynuk.tv was there

Troops Out – End Afghanistan War

Troops Out Demo Trafalgar Square

Hundreds of people demonstrated in Trafalgar Square Saturday to mark the 10th anniversary of the Afghan war

NSPCC Urges Action Against Child Sex Abuse

NSPCC report wrong doing

In this NSPCC video there’s guidance on how to recognise child abuse. A new 2013 study suggests reporting of abuse is slow. Previous research by the charity showed that many ignore rather than report the problem. There’s also concern kids too easily access porn on-line which leads them to become offenders

Multiple Sclerosis – A Really Clear Guide

Multiple Sclerosis - Kaz a sports fan

A Multiple Sclerosis campaign has been launched by Kaz Aston, who herself has multiple sclerosis, to help others better understand the illness. Kaz has written a ‘Really Clear Guide to MS’ that explains every aspect of MS in a way that can be understood by everyone. Watch the video

Dementia Friends A Million Wanted

Dementia Friends

Coaching sessions begin in England to kick-start ‘Dementia Friends’ an initiative launched by Department of Health led by David Cameron who said the scheme is a ‘personal priority’. The aim is to give a million people an improved awareness of the condition by 2015

Embracing Eros

Eros gets a message of love

The statue of Eros in Piccadilly was embraced by a circle of people on global day of Reclaim Love. Onlookers enjoyed the public demonstration of affection