John Wick – Trailer

John Wick action adventure

An ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him. One of the horrors was the killing of his dog. Keanu Reeves stars. Watch action packed trailer

Lost River – Trailer

Lost River Ryan Gosling film

This is Ryan Goslings first directorial film and it seems he’s chosen a good one. Some critics have given him five stars. Its stars Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame – she plays single Mum Billy Catch the Trailer to see how the thriller unfolds

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie – Going?

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie will you go?

It is expected that crowds will pour in to cinemas to see the movie that is both erotic and sadistic. Taken from the novel by E L James, many have criticised the role of the woman who is dominated and lashed by her lover. Catch what some people have been saying about the film

Boyhood – Trailer

Boyhood movie 12 years in the making

Congratulations! Top Bafta prizes for: best film, best director. Filmed over 12 years and with the same cast, this amazing movie is a coming of age flick directed by Richard Linklater. Patricia Arquette picked up best supporting actress. The film now up for and Oscar!

Golden Globes Eddie Redmayne wins Best Actor

Golden Globes - Eddie and Stephen

Eddie Redmayne was thrilled to win the Best Actor prize presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. At the UK Premiere in London in December he talked the role saying how it was a privilege to meet and portray Professor Stephen Hawking

Jupiter Ascending – Trailer

Jupiter Ascending - sci-fi thriller

Eddie Redmayne joins the cast in this sci-fi thriller. Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis are the main characters in this exciting movie. Catch the trailer for a thrilling ride to a planet in need of an heir

Cake – Trailer

Cake - painkiller addict

Jennifer Aniston is superb in her role as a painkiller addict. She gave up physical exercise so that she could put on weight for the part. Catch her excellent performance in the trailer – you will be stunned

Mortdecai Premiere UK

Mortdecai Premiere red carpet

Dapper looking Johnny Depp described his latest movie character as ‘pure’ but also ‘sleezy’ and ‘shifty’. He was on the red carpet with his fiance Amber Herd – both looking extremely happy together despite rumours there could be a split.

Taken 3 – Trailer

Taken 3 - crime thriller

A former agent his life is shattered when he finds his wife brutally murdered. He’s accused of the killing. He goes out and uses his “particular set of skills,” to hunt down the killer and save his daughter. Trailer full of action

Hitchcock The Film – Peoples Review

Hitchcock - Peoples Review Anthony Hopkins

The film Hitchcock unfolds the complex love story between Hitchcock and his wife Alma during the making of the spine-tingling 1960 thriller Psycho. Brian Hayes has seen it and was impressed with the performances