Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014 Heads for London

toria's Secret Fashion Show

The Secret Angels delivered their exciting message at Victoria’s Secret store in Bond Street. And they had a special message for Prince Harry. You will get a hint of what to expect in the video. There are clips of last year’s show that will blow your mind!

The Amazing Spider Man 2 World Premiere

Andrew Garfield Jamie Foxx dance spiderman style

They had a ball in Leicester Square as the stars arrived and entertained the excited fans. Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx danced on the red carpet while Emma Stone mixed with the crowd for selfies. The film hits cinemas April 16

The Other Woman Gala

The Other Woman London Gala

Each of ‘The Other Woman’ looked glamorous at the London Gala and said they became good friends while shooting the film. Watch how the young voluptuous Kate Upton steals the show. Opens in cinemas April 23

Noah Premiere Tour

Noah Premiere Emma Watson

The biblical epic is considered to be one of the year’s most controversial films. But with Russell Crowe and Emma Watson its bound to wow and attract those who admire the great stars. Don’t miss the video of their whirlwind tour of 4 cities!

YNUKtv Poll – Local TV The Changing Face of Broadcasting?

Broadcasting in UK homes 2013

It is the year of the TV revolution. All eyes will be watching as London’s Local TV, London Live, goes to air March 31 joining others already broadcasting. Local TV is a government initiative for communities. What do you reckon – is it worth having? Let us know

From Pitch to Canvas: The Art of Football

The Art of Football exhibition

A special exhibition has opened Victoria House, London showing large spectacular prints of footballers to celebrate the art of football. Pepsi Max commissioned world-renowned photographer Danny Clinch to take the photos then urban artists added their work to the players collection

Captain America 2 UK Premiere

Captain America 2 UK Premiere

It was a massive welcome for the all-star team of Captain America 2. There were selfies and great comments about the movie. Catch the video to see how Scarlett Johansson, who’s having a baby, looked devastating in her Vivienne Westwood red dress

Phone Hacking Storm in UK

Phone hacking - News of the World

Phone hacking trial is currently being heard at the Old Bailey. Former News International executives and PM’s ex-communications chief are giving evidence. spoke to the public when the controversy broke in summer of 2011. Many were appalled and astonished at the damage it caused

Student Media Awards Runner-up 2013

Victoria Oliphant runner-up in student media award

Congratulations Victoria Oliphant! You’re runner-up YNUKtv Brunel University Student Media Award. Your story about the future of a local Rifle Club likely to be pushed out if HS2 goes ahead was great. Watch how they are being threatened

Star Wars VII Auditions Over – London Waste of Time

Blue tents for London auditions

Open auditions for Star Wars VII have closed. Disney says viewing process underway and successful applicants will be told in the New Year. At London auditions many didn’t get a look-in – watch a few winners but loads of losers