SPECTRE New James Bond Film

Spectre - in cinemas 2015

Daniel Craig is to be the 24th James Bond. In the video he says he’s looking forward to smashing the new Aston Martin DB10. The 007 film is called Spectre with most of the cast from Skyfall plus some new ones including Christoph Waltz. Its due out November 2015.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014 in London

toria's Secret Fashion Show

Angels have descended into London for the capital’s first Secret Angels show Dec 2. They arrived in UK by pink jet to show-off their glamorous fashions. Earlier this year they delivered their message at Victoria’s Secret store in Bond Street Catch a hint of what to expect in the video. There are clips of last year’s show that will blow your mind!

Get Santa – Trailer

Get Santa - finds himslef in prison

Santa is testing out his brand new sleigh when he crashes in London. Reindeer scatter all over the city and Father Christmas ends up in a shed. Young Tom finds him but the incident is a police matter and Santa ends up in prison. The trailer opens with Jon Snow reporting the arrest.

YNUKtv Smoking Ban Trafalgar Square and Parks?

Smoking ban Trafalgar Square

It’s no secret. Many love sitting on the steps of Trafalgar Square and have a cigarette. But if the recommendations are implemented this won’t be able to happen again. So, should there be a ban on smoking in Trafalgar and Parliament squares for the sake of health? Connect and vote!

Anti-Slavery Day Walk for Freedom

Anti-Slavery Walk for Freedom Day

Cities across the UK and Globe took part in sending out a big ANTI message to traffickers on Anti-Slavery Day October 18. 27 million men, women and children are trapped in slavery. Known to be a hidden crime the Walk for Freedom tackled the Boroughs of London where many operate

Jude Law and The Gentleman’s Wager

Jude Law celebrates Johnnie Walker

Here’s a look at Jude Law promoting his latest film with Johnnie Walker whisky. His co-star Giancarlo Giannini and director Jake Scott showcased the movie at the Venice Film Festival. Catch the sizzle of the event

England v Italy a Pub View

England v Italy Reveller in pub

On June 14, the Alexandra Pub in South London opened late for football fans when England played Italy. The fans crammed inside to watch the match which we all know England lost. Huge disappointment with a few tears shed

Student Media Awards Runner-up 2013

Victoria Oliphant runner-up in student media award

Congratulations Victoria Oliphant! You’re runner-up YNUKtv Brunel University Student Media Award. Your story about the future of a local Rifle Club likely to be pushed out if HS2 goes ahead was great. Watch how they are being threatened

YNUKtv Poll – Local TV The Changing Face of Broadcasting?

Broadcasting in UK homes 2013

It is the year of the TV revolution. All eyes will be watching as London’s Local TV, London Live, goes to air March 31 joining others already broadcasting. Local TV is a government initiative for communities. What do you reckon – is it worth having? Let us know

BT Christmas Lights for London

BT Christmas Lights

The British Telecom Tower has a massive Christmas Tree made of hundreds of light bulbs. It was especially designed for this year’s display and features christmas tweets from the public. It looks fantastic