Campaigning for Democracy

Assembly for Democracy

It was a mix of nations that got together to discuss and air their views of a more democratic society. They talked about surveillance of the internet, journalism and the challenges they face in their campaign for democracy

Classic Car Boot Sale – commended student 2014

Car Boot Sale - Raya Reycheva

Congratulations to Raya Reycheva who has been commended for her video entry in the YNUKtv/Brunel student media awards for 2014. Raya produced a creative news story on the Classic Car Boot Sale on the SouthBank.

Affordable Art Fairs – commended student 2014

Catherine Chapman - brunel student

Congratulations Catherine chapman. You received a commendation for your entry in the ynuktv/Brunel University student media award. Your video production of the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea was a great news piece

Age UK Hillingdon – Third in Media Awards 2014

Kat Age Uk Hillingdon student

Congratulations Katherine you are third in the YNUKtv and Brunel student awards! Your video story about the elderly and energy costs was an excellent insight into the problems of the silver generation.

Social Enterprise – media student commended

workshop on social enterprise

Social Enterprise was the subject of Adam Smith’s video report for the YNUKtv and Brunel University 2013 local news awards. His story on young entrepreneurs was commended by the judges

Student Media Awards Runner-up 2013

Victoria Oliphant runner-up in student media award

Congratulations Victoria Oliphant! You’re runner-up YNUKtv Brunel University Student Media Award. Your story about the future of a local Rifle Club likely to be pushed out if HS2 goes ahead was great. Watch how they are being threatened

Student Media Award 2013 Second Runner-Up

Claire Payne 2nd runner-up YNUKtv Brunel University Award

Claire Payne has succeeded in reaching second runner-up in the Student Media Award 2013. As a media student at Brunel University she submitted a video report on HS2 and the affects on the community for the YNUKtv Brunel University Award.

London Live The Capital’s New TV Channel

London Live TV

Be prepared for fresh, urban, caring, loud, sticky broadcasting when London Live hits screens March 31. There’ll be 5 and a half-hours of news and current affairs presented by multicultural, multitalented Londoners. Catch them on the video

Sham Marriages

Sham Marriages - couple

Members of a North London solicitor’s firm were found guilty at the Old Bailey for their part in sham marriages. This was the subject chosen by student Samantha Bobb-Lucas who was a contestant in the YNUKtv/Brunel University media student awards in October 2012.

Churches Losing Metal

Churches metal thieves

Police say Churches are among the many locations raided by thieves for precious metal that is later sold for huge profits. Valuable items and objects regularly disappear never to be found. Media student Keisha McDonald has this report