Big Centre TV Birmingham Ready to Go

Big Centre TV ready to go

At Last! Local TV is on air in the Birmingham region. Programmes dedicated to the community are being broadcast 24/7. News, sport, entertainment and children’s shows will hit the screens of every home in the area. Watch on – FREEVIEW CHANNEL 8. Catch the video

Local TV Brave Venture

ex BBC Chief and Local TV

The former head of BBC Greg Dyke believes the Government’s plans for Local TV are a Brave vision. While Jeremy Hunt was Culture Secretary he held a series of summits across the UK with the message that the government expected to have community television broadcasting in their homes by 2015

Community TV The Future

bright future in community tv

Two bidders for Local TV have been announced but there’s still more to come. Community will benefit and thousands of jobs expected to be created. Watch Jeremy Hunt deliver his vision which he started a year ago.

Community TV for Locals – Extra

Community TV - time right form own TV network

Here are extra highlights of Jeremy Hunt presentaion in Wales at a Local TV Summit. He has big ambitions for the broadcasters..