Nigel Farage Election Battle Fails

Nigel Farage UKIP

The General Election campaign is over and UKIP’s leader failed to win Thanet South. Conservative Craig Mackinlay kept the Tory stronghold. Before May 7, talked to voters in Ramsgate and found some could’ve been persuaded to connect with the new guy in town

UK Vote 2015

UK Vote 2015 Westminster

Many voters are struggling with the political choices they have in the 2015 General Election. What is on offer by the main parties is not convincing them that they are robust enough to lead the country into the future. Some told they were frustrated with the campaign

UK Housing Crisis – Cathy Come Home Director

UK Housing Crisis Ken Loach

Housing is one of the top issues Party leaders will be tackling during the General Election campaign. Ken Loach already highlighted the problem saying there’s a ‘cleansing’ of the community in London. He believes the capital’s housing crisis is the result of a generation or more of failed policies that need urgent attention

Soldier Lee Rigby – Report into Death

Soldier Lee Rigby

Greenwich Council to re-open talks with Lee Rigby’s family over a memorial for the young soldier. It comes soon after the throwing-out of an appeal by the killers to have their sentences reduced. Fusilier Rigby was hacked to death near Woolwich Barracks 22 May 2013. At the time of his death thousands paid tribute. was there

British Federation of Women Graduates, Westminster

young women, girls speak up

The London Association of the BFWG urged young women and girls to be more ambitious in their vision for a professional future. The event spoke of how they should not hesitate to use education to aim for opportunities in public life and participate in Government careers

Forced Marriage Now a Crime

Forced Marriage a crime Theresa May Home Sec

Theresa May says she is proud that the UK is taking a leading role in bringing perpetrators to justice. Freedom Charity has praised the steps the government has taken to combat offenders and for giving the #freedom2choose

YNUKtv Poll: Time for Change at House of Lords?

House of Lords - its future

Labour would replace House of Lords with an elected Senate should they win the next election. There are close to 800 peers in the Lords. Is this too many? Its been said by some the whole system of becoming a peer should be reviewed. Catch our poll, it is interesting where people are placing their vote!

YNUKtv Poll – Longer Days Shorter Holidays for pupils?

Pupils - Michael Gove

Head teachers want to scrap 6 week summer break in favour of having hols spread across year. Michael Gove aims to have pupils in England spend more hours in school with shorter holidays. He argues kids would learn better. But Headteachers’ union disagrees with Goves plan. What’s your view? Let us know Vote!

YNUKtv Poll – Ban High-stakes Betting Machines?

Gambling machines accept stakes of £100 and prizes of £500

High-stakes gambling machine crackdown has been rejected by the Government. There’s concern among Labour MPs and Fairer Gambling campaigners that easy access to fast-action betting is ‘sucking money from poorest communities’. Do you agree?

#SpeakOut Competition Closes July 12

#SpeakOut - a voice for women

Final day! This National Competition, #SpeakOut, is first of its kind inviting young women to write an essay that will set a challenge to the Government to improve lives for women. Sponsored by the National Council of Women, the winning essay will be handed to the UK govt urging action. Entries close July 12. Winner will go to the UN in New York