UK Food Banks Expose Hidden Hunger

Hunger - donated food

Trussell Trust say latest figures are ‘shocking’ and show nearly a million people need to use food banks mainly because of welfare cuts. It is an ongoing story. The Charity had told that politicians have been warned for some time that cuts have left many hungry.

YNUKtv Poll – Ban High-stakes Betting Machines?

Gambling machines accept stakes of £100 and prizes of £500

High-stakes gambling machine crackdown has been rejected by the Government. There’s concern among Labour MPs and Fairer Gambling campaigners that easy access to fast-action betting is ‘sucking money from poorest communities’. Do you agree?

Britain’s Oldest Female Triathlete

cycling is a passion

Eddie Brocklesby is 70 and only started running at 52. So what got her started, and what on earth keeps her going? Its in the video

Gambling Machines like Crack Cocaine

Gambling - high stakes machines in poor areas

Government unhappy with betting industry saying it’s not doing enough to protect gamblers. It says the voluntary code for the use of gaming machines in betting shops would now be made compulsory. Campaign for Fairer Gambling has already warned of the dangers of addiction. One labour MP has described the machines as the “crack cocaine” of gambling.

Soldier Lee Rigby – Murder Trial

Soldier Lee Rigby

Old Bailey gives Michael Adebolajo whole life sentence and Michael Adebowale 45 years. Both men found guilty of murdering soldier Lee Rigby by hacking him to death. They said they were not guilty because they were soldiers of war. After the killing, thousands paid tribute to the young soldier. was there

Population Explosion Hits UK – Immigrant Restrictions

Population UK

Britain is preparing itself for an influx of immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania from Jan 1st. with a warning all EU arrivals will be banned from claiming out of work benefits for first 3 months. A surge of population growth was revealed in a 2011 census. Migration Watch UK called for curbs on numbers entering the country.

Mandela Royal Premiere

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Prince William and Kate were unaware of Nelson Mandela’s death when they attended the World Premiere of the film ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’. News reached the glitzy affair when the screening was over. Two of Mandela’s daughters were told late in the ceremony

Britain Heads Off EU Migration

EU immigration a concern

David Cameron has said the expected influx of Romanians and Bulgarians into the UK has not happened. He said there has been a “reasonable level of migration”. Recent restrictions mean new EU arrivals cannot claim benefits until after 3 months in the country. Public not convinced they will work

#SpeakOut Competition Closes July 12

#SpeakOut - a voice for women

Final day! This National Competition, #SpeakOut, is first of its kind inviting young women to write an essay that will set a challenge to the Government to improve lives for women. Sponsored by the National Council of Women, the winning essay will be handed to the UK govt urging action. Entries close July 12. Winner will go to the UN in New York

#SpeakOut A Competition for Young Women Closes Soon!

#SpeakOut - competition judge

Young women if you are between 13 and 30 compete in the NCW’s #SpeakOut competition and you could win a trip to New York. Entries need to be in by July 12. Meet Maggie Aderin-Pocock one of the judges who spoke out, followed her dream and is now a space scientist