Revolting Councillors Poplar 1921

Poplar Councillors Defiant banner

It was post WWI and the biggest revolt against the Government of its time. The over-populated borough of Poplar was being asked to pay higher rates to help rest of London. But they refused, ended up in court and jail. However their action turned out to be a success and set a new system for rates

Library Services Face Extinction

Library Services - Alan Gibbons

Future of Library Services are threatened in Liverpool, Glamorgan and Islington North London. Councils have said they need to make budget cuts. At an event in London on National Library Day 2012 award winning author Alan Gibbons warned of extinction or severe reductions in the years ahead. Poll Time for changes at House of Lords?

House of Lords - its future

There are close to 800 peers in the House of Lords. Is this too many? Its been said by some the whole system of becoming a peer should be reviewed. Catch our poll, it is interesting where people are placing their vote!

Forced Marriage Now a Crime

Theresa May Home Secretary

Theresa May says she is proud that the UK is taking a leading role in bringing perpetrators to justice. Freedom Charity has praised the steps the government has taken to combat offenders and for giving the #freedom2choose

Soldier Lee Rigby – Memorial

Soldier Lee Rigby

An argument has broken out over a permanent memorial for Soldier Lee Rigby. Woolwich council and local Labour MP have rejected the idea. But Boris Johnson wants it so do thousands signing a petition to have a remembrance site. After the killing, many across the country paid tribute to the young soldier. was there

Gambling Machines like Crack Cocaine

Gambling - high stakes machines in poor areas

Government is to tackle the ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling that currently exists on the High Street. Campaign for Fairer Gambling has already warned of the dangers of addiction. Ministers will set limits on fixed-odds betting terminals.

Britain’s Oldest Female Triathlete

cycling is a passion

Eddie Brocklesby is 70 and only started running at 52. So what got her started, and what on earth keeps her going? Its in the video

Britain Heads Off EU Migration

EU immigration a concern

David Cameron has said the expected influx of Romanians and Bulgarians into the UK has not happened. He said there has been a “reasonable level of migration”. Recent restrictions mean new EU arrivals cannot claim benefits until after 3 months in the country. Public not convinced they will work

YNUKtv Poll – Longer Days Shorter Holidays for pupils?

Pupils - Michael Gove

Head teachers want to scrap 6 week summer break in favour of having hols spread across year. Michael Gove aims to have pupils in England spend more hours in school with shorter holidays. He argues kids would learn better. But Headteachers’ union disagrees with Goves plan. What’s your view? Let us know Vote!

YNUKtv Poll – Ban High-stakes Betting Machines?

Gambling machines accept stakes of £100 and prizes of £500

High-stakes gambling machine crackdown has been rejected by the Government. There’s concern among Labour MPs and Fairer Gambling campaigners that easy access to fast-action betting is ‘sucking money from poorest communities’. Do you agree?