Star Wars VII Auditions Over – London Waste of Time

Blue tents for London auditions

Open auditions for Star Wars VII have closed. Disney says viewing process underway and successful applicants will be told in the New Year. At London auditions many didn’t get a look-in – watch a few winners but loads of losers

Hitchcock The Film – Peoples Review

Hitchcock - Peoples Review Anthony Hopkins

The film Hitchcock unfolds the complex love story between Hitchcock and his wife Alma during the making of the spine-tingling 1960 thriller Psycho. Brian Hayes has seen it and was impressed with the performances


Adults - Ian and Teresa

A film Workshop in Peckham helped 9 women produce and direct the movie Adults. A short, it tells of an encounter full of hurtful memories. It was organised by the Women in Film group of the Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival and funded by Southwark Council. WATCH

The Class of ’92 World Premiere

team of The Class of '92

David Beckham described the red carpet occasion as an amazing experience. The Class of ’92 and the Manchester United team were there to celebrate the World Premiere. Beckham fans crowded Leicester Square to catch a glimpse of the football star

Arnold Schwarzenegger Catchphrases

Arnold Schwarzenegger Catchphrases - presser

At a press conference in London Arnold Schwarzenegger entertained journalists with his one-liners from films that have made him a huge super star. He’s in the capital to promote his new film Last Stand

SKYFALL James Bond 007 – Extra

James Bond 007 end of MI6?

BAFTAs Outstanding British Film has been awarded to SKYFALL. The Bond movie has already been recognised as the biggest British film of 2012. This video gives an exciting glimpse of the thrills and spills of the latest James Bond film.

Young Film Awards Peckham

Film Awards 12 year old winner

Film Awards for 2012 have taken place in Peckham. Young Sarah Peace got the top prize for her film “At The Bus Station”. In 2011, 12 year old Oscar Simmons shared best drama award in the young filmmakers competition run by the Free Film Festival