Dame Angela Lansbury Talks Her Career

Dame Angela Lansbury teenage actress

Happy Birthday Angela Lansbury! Earlier this year she was given a huge welcome when she returned to Poplar where she grew up. Dame Angela’s visit was applauded when she sat down and spoke to her fans from the East End and elsewhere. Her Grandfather George Lansbury was MP for the area.

Taken 3 – Trailer

Taken 3 - crime thriller

A former agent his life is shattered when he finds his wife brutally murdered. He’s accused of the killing. He goes out and uses his “particular set of skills,” to hunt down the killer and save his daughter. Trailer full of action

Fury – Trailer

Fury a war drama

This intense World War II movie is close to Brad Pitt’s heart. He want to make and be in a highly dramatic movie related to the War. Its full of drama, patriotism and action. Its in UK cinemas October 22. Don’t miss the trailer

Wild Premiere BFI London Film Festival

Wild BFI Premiere

It was a wet night in Leicester Square but fans were excited to see Reese Witherspoon when she arrived for the premiere of her latest film Wild. She said she could relate to the role of Cheryl because of her previous ‘wild’ life. Also revealed the backpack was definitely heavy to carry during the shoot! Catch the video to see how stunning she looks

Annabelle – Trailer

Annabelle horror film

A couple begin to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists. Out everywhere October 10. The trailer is horrific

Spandau Ballet Biopic Hits European Screens

Spandau Ballet on way to success

A documentary film of the life of Spandau Ballet has been released and hitting big screens across UK and Europe. Soul Boys of the Western World gets down to the wire and reveals the good and bad times of the new wave group.

Filmmakers Grimsby:RV Scoop 14 Awards

Grimsby RV award winner

Local film-makers in Lincolnshire scooped 14 major awards in the United States. Yella Belly Films submitted their short action flick, Grimbsy RV in the 2014 American Action Film Challenge, Tampa, Florida. You’re great winners – Congratulations!!

Fury Featurette Brothers Under the Gun

Fury - action, drama, war

Brad Pitt and the cast have great and emotional details of their roles in Fury an amazing World War II, action film. The featurette gets in close as Brad who is commander of a Sherman tank takes his five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Out October 22

The Best of Me – Trailer

The Best of Me romantic drama

Former high school sweethearts reunite after many years when they return to visit their small hometown. Some years have passed and each have had different lives but they realise there is still a lot they have in common. Watch the Trailer to experience the heartbreak!

Mad Max Fury Road – Trailer

Mad Max Fury Road apocalyptic adventure

The continuing apocalyptic adventures of Max Rocketanski and his supercop cronies. The trailer is awesome with some of the greatest visual and sound techniques ever! WATCH