Message from London to Scotland

Londoners have a message

YourNewsUKtv has been to Brixton to talk to some in the community about the referendum of independence for Scotland. Their message from London was the decision was theirs however they would like the country to stay united. Poll – Scotland Independence Yes or No

Scottishh Flag

It’s the last weekend before the vote for YES or NO to independence. Campaigners on both sides have been out to get their message across. But it is a knife-edge situation – it could go either way. What do you think, the vote is September 18. Should Scotland stay or go? LET US KNOW

Britain’s Most Generous Town

generous hot spot of giving

Bedford is the best giversin Britain. In a year the big-hearted residents gave £1,145,970 to charities by using the website JustGiving. The site says their study shows that giving habits are changing helping to raise more money.

Filmmakers Grimsby:RV Scoop 14 Awards

Grimsby RV award winner

Local film-makers in Lincolnshire scooped 14 major awards in the United States. Yella Belly Films submitted their short action flick, Grimbsy RV in the 2014 American Action Film Challenge, Tampa, Florida. You’re great winners – Congratulations!!

Walthamstow Mural Salutes Its People

Walthamstow Mural for the people

As you step out of Black Horse Road Tube Station you will come face to face with a massive Mural that welcomes you to the town of Walthamstow. There’s also a pulsing heart and industrial workers. Its a huge hit with locals. Meet the artists in the video!

London Live The Capital’s New TV Channel

London Live TV

Be prepared for fresh, urban, caring, loud, sticky broadcasting when London Live hits screens March 31. There’ll be 5 and a half-hours of news and current affairs presented by multicultural, multitalented Londoners. Catch them on the video

Battersea Power Station Rocks!

Battersea Power Station rocks!

Celebrities mixed with the community at the Battersea Power Station as it celebrated its inauguration. Big changes have happened and if you are thinking of relocating you may want to consider the Power Station. Sir Elton John topped the music gig – watch how he wowed the crowds.

Mustard TV Launches on Freeview Channel 8

Mustard TV Freeview Channel 8

The people of Norwich aare among the first to have their own TV Channel. On March 24 Mustard TV launched on Freeview Channel 8 at 5.30pm. Ofcom awarded the channel a license under the Government’s Local TV initiative aimed at offering closer links with communities

How Was Christmas When Austerity Hit Us

Christmas Season

In recent years Britain has had a tough time with its economy but when it came to Christmas, presents had to be bought. In mid-austerity people in Cardiff and Portsmouth were spending
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Student Media Awards Runner-up 2013

Victoria Oliphant runner-up in student media award

Congratulations Victoria Oliphant! You’re runner-up YNUKtv Brunel University Student Media Award. Your story about the future of a local Rifle Club likely to be pushed out if HS2 goes ahead was great. Watch how they are being threatened