Maps to the Stars – Trailer

Maps to the Stars satirical drama

A crazy venture into the heart of a Hollywood family who is chasing celebrity, one another and the relentless ghosts of their pasts. Catch the trailer as it gives a front row view into their ruthless desires to be stars

The Equalizer – Trailer

The Equalizer - action crime thriller

A man believes he’s put his mysterious past behind him and has dedicated himself to beginning a new, quiet life. Denzal Washington as the Equalizer meets a young girl who’s under the control of ultra-violent Russian gangsters and in need of help. The trailer reveals how he sets about to rescue her. Out September 26

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Trailer

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - beautiful

Open for business again. The first trailer has been released of John Madden’s follow-up to the box-office hit The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – and Richard Gere is among the hotel’s new guests. Out 27 February 2015

Foxcatcher – Trailer

Foxcatcher based on true story

Catch the trailer of the shocking true events and fascinating story of Olympic gold medal-winning brothers Mark and Dave Schultz and their tragic relationship with a multi-millionaire benefactor, John du Pont. In cinemas 9 January 2015

Nightcrawler – Trailer

Nightcrawler a thriller

Watch the gaunt looking Jake Gyllenhaal in the trailer. He deliberately lost 20 pounds to play the role of a freelance night crime TV journalist. He needs a job so enters the dark world of LA crime and murder. He turns out to be the star of his own story

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 – Trailer

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 the movie

Watch the trailer – you will see when Lou, who has become the “father of the Internet,” is shot by an unknown assailant, Jacob and Nick fire up the time machine again to save their friend. In UK Cinemas December 26

The Skeleton Twins – Trailer

The Skeleton Twins the movie

Catch the trailer starring Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader. They’re twins who re-unite after 10 years. Their encounters and experiences turn into fun times as well as crazy emotional times. In UK cinemas November 7

I Origins – Trailer

I Origins scientific thriller

A molecular biologist and his laboratory partner uncover evidence that may fundamentally change society as we know it. He encounters a beautiful woman, falls in love, then loses her. But some time later they discover evidence that really complicates things. Opens in cinemas September 25. The trailer is fascinating

The Boxtrolls – Trailer

The Boxtrolls family movie

the Boxtrolls are a community of lovable oddballs who are raising as one of their own an abandoned and orphaned human boy. When the Boxtrolls are targeted by a villainous exterminator who is bent on eradicating them, Eggs must venture above ground to save them.

Movie Awards and Public

Movie Awards - Gravity BAFTA best british film

Are you influenced by film awards when you go to the movies or do you choose what you want to see when planning a visit to the cinema. Either way viewing habits are changing