British Cool 2012

British Cool 2012 Olympic Park

In 2012 the British experienced a number of outstanding, extravagant and unique events that hit the streets across the country. This lighthearted video looks at Olympic Games, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Occupy LSX

Olympic Torch Tour – Nottingham

olympic-torch tour-nottingham

A replica of the Olympic Torch has been touring the UK in search of people to relay the flame to the Olympics next year.

2012 Olympic Torchbearers Selection Starts

Torchbearer Nominee

Among the hopefuls who want to carry the Olympic torch is Edwina (Eddie) Brocklesby from London. The selection process will begin soon

London Olympic Park A Closer View

Olympic - London 2012 Olympic Stadium

Security for the London 2012 Olympic Games is currently estimated at £255,000 a day. The military was called in to help secure the massive event

Carnival Countdown to London 2012 Olympics

Skegness Games Time for Olympics

UK celebrates a year to the Olympic Games. A spectacular show, GAMES TIME marked the festivities

Political Olympics – London 2012

right image for Olympics

Neighbouring boroughs of London 2012 believe they’re being left out of the great Olympic Games. But Rushanara Ali, Labour MP for the area is determined not to let it happen.

London Olympic Park – A view

Olympic Park Stadium

London’s Olympic Park and the Games have a year to go before the world’s sporting elite will descend on the UK for the event. A lot of work is going on in the Village in preparation for the event.