Mods Scooters Norwich

Mods Scooters and Norwich – weekend ride

In a first for the Mods Scooter Club of Norwich, Vespas, Lambrettas and sixties fashion went on display in the heart of the city. They all glistened in the sunshine as onlookers enjoyed being taken back to the 60s

fountain pens valuable writing tools

Fountain Pens Writing Power Returns – one for…

Fountain pens are fast losing their old fashioned image and turning into a current item to have in your pocket. Sales are soaring and should they have a gold nib they could be a valuable investment as well as an excellent writing tool.

Grantham Margaret Thatcher - Lady not for turning

Grantham Home Town of Margaret Thatcher – memories

The funeral of ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took place on April 17. She died after a stroke aged 87. She recently made headlines when the film ‘The Iron Lady’ starring Meryl Streep was released. This revived interest in her home town of Grantham. YNUKtv went to check out her status there