Val Hills mother of victim

Thames River Memorial A Mother’s Story – Christmas…

Her son’s body was found in the Thames at Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster in 2008. Val Hills shares her story about Daniel’s death and how she initiated and welcomes a Thames Memorial for all those who have lost loved ones to the river.

mobile phones a saviour

Thames Memorial – Police Cases

The number of deaths in the River Thames has fallen. It’s mainly due to fast action of mobile phones. A former Thames river Policeman tells of his experiences while on the beat. He welcomes the Thames Well Wishing Memorial project to help grieving families

Thames Memorial Val Hills - mother

Thames Memorial – Mother Mourns Loss of Son

Val Hills, mother of a victim of the River Thames welcomes plans to build a special monument by the river for families to mourn their loved ones. The body of her son was found in the river Christmas of 2008