fountain pens valuable writing tools

Fountain Pens Writing Power Returns – one for…

Fountain pens are fast losing their old fashioned image and turning into a current item to have in your pocket. Sales are soaring and should they have a gold nib they could be a valuable investment as well as an excellent writing tool.

HMS Sheffield

HMS Sheffield: A Sailor A Survivor – this…

On 4th May 1982 HMS Sheffield was hit by an exocet missile during Falklands war. Documents released December 2012, revealed that Margaret Thatcher, PM at the time, was surprised by the Argentine Invasion. A survivor tells his story on the day the Sheffield was bombed

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates

Queen Elizabeth Diamond 2012 – Longest Reigning Monarch

On 9 September 2015 Queen Elizabeth will have reigned the longest as a monarch. In 2013 she marked 60 years of her reign on June 2nd. Most memorable celebration was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 when thousands turned out to celebrate the big year

football racism anfield

Football Fans in Defence – is it still…

UEFA launching investigation into reports Inter Milan football fans racially abused Tottenham players during last Thursday’s (Mar 14) Europa League. Behaviour of football fans still a major issue. FA urged to discipline Liverpool fans who have been criticised. They denied this to YNUKtv at a match in Anfield last year