/Trap – trailer | 9 August
Trap - trailer

Trap – trailer | 9 August

Trap – trailer – arrives in UK cinemas August 9

Trap – trailer

A father and his teen daughter attend a pop concert only to realise they’ve entered the centre of a dark and sinister event.

Director – M. Night Shyamalan

Writer – M. Night Shyamalan

Stars – Josh Hartnett | Alison Pill | Hayley Mills


crime horror mystery

More – While being distributed by a major studio (Warner Bros), Trap was allowed to resume filming under an interim agreement during the SAG-AFTRA strike as M. Night Shyamalan independently finances his own films.

This film is one of two films released in 2024 that M Night produced involving his children. His other daughter directed the film The Watchers.

Film fans going wild for new trailer for the Trap.  The film centres around a father and his teenage daughter night out at a concert.

Independent: The dad learns that the entire event has been set up in a bid to catch a known serial killer.  The serial killer in question is him which is unbeknownst to his teenage daughter.

One excited fan described it as “a perfect trailer” on X/Twitter.  A second agreed: “This is a perfect trailer. Intriguing but never shows too much, and the premise itself is awesome. I can’t wait for this!! Could be one of M Night’s best movies.”


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