/Oppenheimer – trailer – best film Baftas
Oppenheimer - key film of 2023

Oppenheimer – trailer – best film Baftas

Oppenheimer – trailer – Baftas best film 🏆 – watch

Oppenheimer – trailer

During World War II, Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves Jr. appoints physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer to work on the top-secret Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer and a team of scientists spend years developing and designing the atomic bomb. Their work comes to fruition on July 16, 1945, as they witness the world’s first nuclear explosion, forever changing the course of history.

Director – Christopher Nolan

Writers – Christopher Nolan – Kai Bird – Martin Sherwin

StarsCillian Murphy – Emily Blunt – Matt Damon – Robert Downey Jr


Trivia –

In order for the black and white sections of the movie to be shot in the same quality as rest of the film, Kodak produced a limited supply of their Double-X black and white film stock in 70mm. This film stock chosen specifically for its heritage. Originally sold to photographers as Super-XX during World War II, and was very popular with photojournalists of the era.

Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr were all nominated for acting prizes.

Is this your favourite to win in the Oscars?


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