/SpaceX Launches Second Starship flight test
SpaceX Launches Second Starship flight test

SpaceX Launches Second Starship flight test

SpaceX Launches Second Starship flight test – monitors lose contact

SpaceX Launches Second Starship flight test

The SaceX launched its massive Starship rocket but loses contact after eight minutes of flight.

Top part of the rocket successfully separated from the booster which then blew up. Contact was then lost with the main rocket.

Elon Musk’s company still hailed it as a success and the rocket flew further than the failed first attempt in April.

This time the rocket reached space for the first time while in April the vehicle lost control and exploded four minutes after lift-off.

The mission plan was broadly the same as before: to send the top part of the two-stage vehicle – the Ship – nearly one full revolution of the Earth.

Owner Elon Musk congratulated his team following today’s Starship rocket launch.

The flight  featured the newly added hot staging ring, allowing the Ship to separate from the Booster while the Booster engines are still firing. The stack featured multiple upgrades compared to the first flight, including 63 upgrades SpaceX submitted to the FAA to mitigate issues from the first flight.

Booster 9 will attempt a soft splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico, while Ship 25 attempts to fly around the earth before performing a reentry and hard splashdown in the Hawaiian area.  It did not happen


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