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Live: Agreement 25 - Belfast

Agreement 25 – Belfast

Agreement 25 – Belfast – special guest speakers

Former US president Bill Clinton has said his decision to become involved in the Northern Ireland peace process was a “leap of faith”.

Mr Clinton was speaking at an event in Belfast to the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

He was on a panel with Sir Tony Blair and former taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

“We’d like to tell you that we had it all thought through, but the truth is we made up a lot of it as we went along,” the former president said.

Also speaking in Belfast, Hilary Clinton said Good Friday Agreement represents “true triumph of democracy”.  She said it took years to build trust and also required courage.

Hillary Clinton, the university’s chancellor and told the conference that the longevity of the good Friday agreement remains a triumph.

Clinton says the credit for peace goes to the “brave people of Northern Ireland” who took risks.

She goes on to credit the woman of Northern Ireland, saying that without them “there wouldn’t be a good Friday agreement to celebrate.”

Secretary Clinton says Northern Ireland is an example to the world of how former adversaries can get past previous differences for a brighter future.

She says the United States will continue to support Northern Ireland as it moves forward.


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