/Artemis I – Cryogenic Demonstration test
Cryogenic Demonstration test

Artemis I – Cryogenic Demonstration test

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Artemis I – Cryogenic Demonstration test

Teams will evaluate the data from the test, along with weather and other factors.  This before confirming readiness to proceed into the next launch opportunity. The rocket remains in a safe configuration as teams assess next steps. 

From NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, there was live coverage with commentary as teams added supercold fuel to the Space Launch System rocket in a cryogenic demonstration test.

This demonstration test allowed teams to confirm the repair to a hydrogen leak seen during an early September Artemis I launch attempt. Also  evaluate updated propellant loading procedures, and conduct additional evaluations. The demonstration will conclude when the objectives for the test have been met.

In the days since the previous launch attempt, teams have analysed the seals that were replaced on an interface for the liquid hydrogen fuel line between the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the mobile launcher and adjusted procedures for loading cryogenic, or supercold, propellants into the rocket. Engineers identified a small indentation found on the eight-inch-diameter liquid hydrogen seal that may have been a contributing factor to the leak on the previous launch attempt. 

For more visit – https://blogs.nasa.gov/artemis/


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