/Mars Robot Lander detects largest quake ever
Mars Robot Lander detects largest quake ever

Mars Robot Lander detects largest quake ever

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Mars Robot Lander detects largest quake ever – watch and hear the sound 

InSight detected the largest quake ever observed on another planet: an estimated magnitude 5 temblor that occurred on 4 May 2022.

On May 2022, it reported that the InSight Mars lander is gradually losing power.  It is expected to become inoperative by December 2022.  This will conclude a mission that successfully detected more than 1,300 mars quakes and located quake-prone regions of Mars.

The Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure (SEIS) is led by France in partnership with the UK, Germany and Switzerland. The UK (Imperial College London and Oxford University) provided the short period seismometer element of the instrument.

InSight is a NASA robotic mission that successfully landed on Mars at 19:53 GMT on 26 November 2018.

Are you a Mars fan?  Do you watch what is happening in space?  What do you think of this latest development?


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