/Solar Orbiter’s first close encounter – images of the sun
Solar Orbiter's first close encounter

Solar Orbiter’s first close encounter – images of the sun

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Solar Orbiter’s first close encounter – great images to view in this video

Solar Orbiter captures the closes images of the sun ever taken.

On 26 March and enduring temperatures of some 500 degrees Celsius from within the orbit of planet Mercury, Solar Orbiter returned spectacular imagery of the Sun.  Done during its first close encounter with our home star.

Solar Orbiter’s ten science instruments are now all working together for the first time. Some are looking at the Sun while others are simultaneously measuring the environment around the spacecraft.  This enables scientists to join the dots from what they see happening at the Sun.

Scientists across Europe – and ESA’s partners around the world – are now working to interpret the vast amount of information Solar Orbiter is sending back.  This promises to transform our understanding of our nearest star.

Solar Orbiter is a space mission of international collaboration between ESA and NASA.

reporter: Richard Hollingham

Are you a space fan?  Do you watch space missions?  What do you think about these images?


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