/Ukrainian President ‘we will fight in forests on shores and streets’
Ukrainian President 'we will fight in forests on shores and streets'

Ukrainian President ‘we will fight in forests on shores and streets’

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Ukrainian President ‘we will fight in forests on shores and streets’ – watch with translation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses MPs in parliament.  This after Speaker Lindsay Hoyle approved a request for a “historic address” from the leader.

President Zelensky addressed the UK parliament via a video link.  He spoke in Ukrainian with MPs wearing headphones for translation.

He was welcomed by loud applause and a standing ovation.  MPs also gave him a standing ovation at the end of his speech.

Zelensky: there are similarities to Britain and World War II.  We will not give up.  Ukraine will fight them in the forests, on land, on the shores in the street.  We will not give up, we will not lose.  This described as a Churchillian type speech.

We do not want to lose our country.  We will not lose out country.  The fight goes on.

PM: never has the house listened to such an address.  He has moved the hearts of everyone in this House.

Latest: President Biden announced ban on Russian oil and gas imports. And UK to phase out Russian oil imports by end of this year.

During recent PMQs MPs stood and applauded the Ukrainian Ambassador to London who was a guest in Parliament.  It lasted for several minutes. The image seen across the world.

The speech is expected to be watched by millions across the globe including Ukrainians living in the UK.

Did you watch the speech?  What are your thoughts? Was it a good thing to have the President do this?  Is the President doing the right thing?  What did you think of the PM’s response?


The President talked of civilians being killed and the plight of refugees.

Earlier he told residents that he would be staying in the city, and that he was not afraid of anyone.  He is going nowhere and will fight to save Ukraine.

The UN has revealed that 1.7million people have left the Ukraine as refugees.  Poland has opened their borders to 1.2m  Ukrainians.  The UK is setting up pop-up units in Dover to process applications to enter Britain.

The Ukrainian capital Kyiv is under the government’s control.  Although there have been reports of Russian tans not far away.


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