/PM – Commons statement on Russia invading Ukraine
PM - Commons statement on Russia invading Ukraine

PM – Commons statement on Russia invading Ukraine

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PM – Commons statement on Russia invading Ukraine – Live 

The Prime Minister delivered a further announcement on sanctions against Russia. He announced the largest and most severe  package of economic sanctions that Russia has ever seen.

Legislation planned on Tuesday to prevent all Russian companies raising finance on UK markets.

The PM said: Putin is a ‘blood stained’ aggressor.  Boris Johnson says nothing is off the table regarding suspension of Russia from the global economic scene.

Russia’s military launched an assault on the country of Ukraine with 40m people.  It’s attack is on several fronts in what NATO says is a “cold-blooded” pre-planned invasion.

Earlier Boris Johnson vowed that the UK would react ‘decisively’ to President Vladimir Putin’s aggression.  In a statement to the nation the PM said: cannot and will not look away.

Russia has responded by saying it will also issue sanctions against the UK and EU.

European Union:  these are the darkest hours for the nation.

Are extra sanctions going to work?  Will they stop the invasion?  What are your thoughts on the situation?  How involved will the UK get?  Will troops be sent to help Ukraine? Have we knocked the stuffing out of Putin yet?


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