/Crashing into an Asteroid – on purpose
Live: Crashing into an Asteroid

Crashing into an Asteroid – on purpose

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Crashing into an Asteroid – 23 November – 21:00

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) launches on a journey to become the world’s first #PlanetaryDefense test. The spacecraft will intentionally crash itself into an asteroid to see if it can move its motion in space. If it does, this could prove as a viable way to deflect a threatening asteroid in the future, should one be discovered.

DART is a spacecraft designed to impact an asteroid as a test of technology. DART’s target asteroid is NOT a threat to Earth. This asteroid system a perfect testing ground.  This to see if intentionally crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid is an effective way to change its course.  This, should an Earth-threatening asteroid discovered in the future.

It is the ever human mission and important to do it now

Meet the experts:

Dr. Lori Glaze is the Director for NASA’s Planetary Science Missions. Her favourite part about the job is that Lori gets to learn something new every day. “The solar system is packed with mysteries, and we have an amazing collection of missions working together every day to unlock those mysteries.” Outside of work, Dr. Glaze enjoys spending time outdoors with family and listening to music.

Dr. Nancy Chabot is the DART Coordination Lead at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Her favourite part about the job is working with a team to accomplish more than any one person could do on their own. Outside of work, Dr. Chabot  learns to cook new recipes.

Lisa Wu is a Mechanical Engineer at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Her favourite part of the job is she gets to work with space flight hardware every day. Lisa is most looking forward to not only the science we’ll learn from the DART impact, but also demonstrating the new technologies onboard the spacecraft. In her free time, Lisa has been figure skating.

Stephanie L. Smith is the social media lead at NASA headquarters. Her favourite part of the job is using pop culture and plain English to make science and technology meaningful and relatable to as many people as possible. When she’s not hosting conversations about smacking into space rocks, you’ll probably find Stephanie hiking or cooking.


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