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Alan Partridge - artist

Alan Partridge Live – Stratagem

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Alan Partridge Live – Stratagem – aims to entertain millions

Wearing a head-mic favoured by TED talkers, Alan brings his new show ‘Stratagem’ to Sheffield, Aberdeen, London and more.

Over a multi-decade broadcasting career, this surprisingly well-read man has brought delight to millions. Now, in a country riven with discord and disease, Alan tours the country with a message of hope.

The all-new show Stratagem devised, written, choreographed, performed and funded by Alan Partridge. The tour will run throughout May 2022. Alan will be touring the UK wearing a head-mic favoured by TED talkers, market hawkers, TV evangelists, backing singers and carnival barkers. The show promises to be a manifesto for the way we can move forward, a roadmap to a better tomorrow, an ABC for the way to be.

Tickets for Alan Partridge Live are available now. Both London dates also on sale.


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