/2021 a Forecast – it looks promising
2021 a Forecast

2021 a Forecast – it looks promising

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2021 a Forecast – it looks promising – at last

It’s been a pretty depressing year for many, from learning about a new virus to not being able to see or hug loved ones. And as we head into 2021 is it likely to get any better?  Reporter Alex Iszatt spoke to medium and astrologist Nita about her predictions for the future – from Brexit to the breakup of the United Kingdom and beyond.

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To reach reporter Alex Iszatt go:

Twitter: @alexontv

Showreel: http://www.alexiszatt.co.uk/?page_id=33

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/alex-iszatt/15/3b0/150


Many are so glad to be rid of 2020.  Are you?  It has got to be one of the worst ever!


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