/Campaign For Pet Theft Reform – action needed
Campaign for Pet Theft Reform

Campaign For Pet Theft Reform – action needed

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Campaign For Pet Theft Reform – legislation needed to change law

Supporters calling for reform of the pet theft act are at Parliament’s door urging the law to be changed. A petition led by The Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance (Sampa) is in the hands of the politicians and waiting to be debated in the House of Commons.

At present jail sentences rarely given for the theft of a pet and often considered more like a stolen phone or laptop.  Also, stolen dogs can help thieves make a lot of money.  They breed the animals then sell them off for high prices.  An adjustment to the current law could prevent this kind of criminal activity from happening.

Sampa’s Debbie Matthews spoke to ynuk.tv  about the frustration and need for action.  For more: https://www.stolenandmissingpetsalliance.co.uk/

Do you own a pet? Is it safe? Should there be reform? Would you like to see offenders sentenced for their crimes?  Let us know your story: news@ynuk.tv.  There are reports that the coronavirus situation has led to more pet theft?  It seems there is a demand for the cuddly pet.


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