/Women Walk in Space – ISS – congratulations on historic mission
two female astronauts outside ISS

Women Walk in Space – ISS – congratulations on historic mission

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Women Walk in Space. An exciting and historic mission outside the International Space Station. Christina Koch and Jessica Meir walked on ‘air’ for 7 hours and 17 minutes.  NASA plans to send a woman to the moon in 2024!

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump dropped by to congratulate the two female astronauts.  He described them as ‘brave and amazing people’.  @-26:49

He made sure he could be heard before telling them how great they are. Mr Trump said it was an honour to speak to two brave astronauts who are making history. He added that it was something he didn’t want to do.  He described how they were the first females to conduct the space walk to replace a battery.  It was being done at high altitude something not many people can do. The women responded saying that dreams can come true. Also it was an incredible feeling and one that won’t be forgotten.

The President told them they were live on television all around the world and not to get nervous.  Mr Trump then told them they were an inspiration.  The US is now planning to go to the moon and then Mars.

Women Walk In Space – LIVE.  So far, they have been walking more than three hours.  They have been asked whether the suits are hot or cold to wear.  Apparently there is a warmth factor that spread through the suits that keeps them at a warm temperature.  The suits are easily slipped on despite the  head to toe style.  They are expected to go on display when back on earth.  What do you think of the suits?  They certainly look smarter than previous designs.

The Mission

On Friday, Oct. 18 starting at about 7:50 a.m. EDT (12:40 bst), NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir ventured outside the International Space Station for a spacewalk. The duo exited the station’s Quest airlock in their U.S. spacesuits to replace a power controller that failed over the weekend.

The spacewalk is the first ever that will be conducted by two women.It is excellent that NASA is encouraging the participation of women in the industry of space. We know they will do an excellent job. The space suits worn by the female astronauts are specially designed to help them move their arms around for the intricate installation. They also look good to wear.


Congratulations to Christina and Jessica we are proud of them!Are you a space fan? Do you watch progress of the International Space Station?  Will you be watching this live space walk?  Is it a good idea to have women doing this?  Would you like the UK to get involved in this kind of space activity?  Government is talking about getting involved with more space projects staring next year!  They want to encourage more young people to be involved.  Space ideas and talent are in demand.  Just visit the UK Space Agency


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