Proroguing Parliament Closes as Boris Fails Election Backing – back in 5 weeks

Proroguing Parliament Closes as Boris Fails Election Backing
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Proroguing Parliament Closes as Boris Fails Election Backing – suspension began 00.59 on  September 10 for five weeks.  MPs return for the Queen’s speech October 14.

Boris Johnson lost his motion calling for an immediate General Election. Vote was 243 to 46.  Third loss for the PM since becoming Prime Minister.

PM urged MPs to accept the motion so that the people can decide on Brexit. But it didn’t work.  Was it a strategy after all?

The day parliament expected to be silenced.  Amazing.  Also, talk of rebellion and impeachment swirling around Westminster. Will anything be said in favour?  Not likely.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Parliament prorogued – or suspended.  This from a day between 9 and 12 September and 14 October. The day is Monday September 9.  Parliament will be silent for five weeks.

Will you be watching? Let us know what you think of what’s going on. Is the PM going to get his election?  There’s a lot of calls against a general election.

Closing Parliament

Parliament is normally prorogued once a year for a short period – usually in April or May.

During this time, all business stops. So most laws that haven’t completed their passage through Parliament die a death (although some may be “carried over” to the next session).  MPs keep their seats and ministers remain in position.  But no debates and votes are held in Parliament.

What is your reaction to this?  Is this a clever tactic on Boris’s part or not?  Should this be happening at all?  Are these strange days in Parliament?  Will this lead to a General Election.  Will we have to vote again on Brexit?


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