Boris Johnson – A New Golden Age – Commons rocked back to life

Boris - A new Golden Age
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Boris Johnson – A New Golden Age. His first speech described as blasting the Commons back to life.

Boris Johnson has promised the “beginning of a new golden age”, as he made his first Commons statement as PM.

Speaking to MPs, Mr Johnson said his government would throw itself into Brexit negotiations with energy, while Michael Gove would lead on no-deal planning as a “top priority”.  This is tough talking and full of determination.

They exploded with exuberance when he spoke of his plans to make the United Kingdom ‘the greatest place on earth’

He also said EU citizens living in the UK would have their rights protected.

But Downing Street was unable to confirm if there would be any new laws to underpin the commitment.

Temperature may have been 39 degrees outside but the feel good factor among most tories was even warmer.  They are energised.


Did you get to see the speech in Parliament?  If not take a look at the new PM’s introductory speech.  Let us know what you think.  Drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you.


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