Theresa May’s Last Official Day – there were no tears

Theresa May's Last Official Day
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Theresa May’s Last Official Day. There were no tears but concerns about state of politics.

Theresa May’s Last Official Day

Theresa May has delivered her last major speech as the Prime Minister of the UK. In her farewell speech, Mrs May, who has been Prime Minister since July 2016, said she “worried about the state of politics”.

She added a growing unwillingness to compromise was leading to a political culture based on “winners and losers”.  Mrs Maywarned “ill words that go unchallenged” could result in prejudice, hatred and even violence.

She didn’t attack or seek forgiveness but Theresa May wasn’t weeping.  She wanted to be Prime Minister and became one.  However she was not to survive in it.

THERESA MAY will say farewell to Downing Street and give way for Britain’s next leader.

Was she or was she not a good Prime Minister?  Let us know.  Your views are welcome. We would love to hear from you. Drop by our comment box and leave your reaction.

The new Prime Minister will be announced July 23.  Will it be Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt.


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